Adobe Unveils New Advanced Analytics Products for Faster, Better Customer Intelligence

New Capabilities Within Adobe Analytics Would Enable High-Growth Brands To Derive Meaningful Insights Faster, And With More Precision

In its recent annual 2017 Digital Marketing Study, Adobe reported that most brands are taking significant strides towards digital maturity. Almost a quarter of these brands have actually self-reported themselves to be at the cusp of “advanced” maturity level. Taking a cue from the study’s findings, Adobe Analytics debuted a series of innovations which arm teams and workers with intelligence that can be curated for roles throughout the organization, leveraging advanced analytics and Adobe’s data management platform (DMP), Adobe Audience Manager.

Adobe Analytics, the customer intelligence engine of the Audience Experience Cloud, announced the availability of –

  • Context-Aware Sessions
  • Audience Analytics
  • New Visualizations

Analytics Drive Decisions and Actions: Why You Don’t Need a Data Analyst Anymore!

Building a relevant and successful business comes with a multitude of challenges, not the least of which is how to thrive in the face of competition.

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One of the most crucial elements to growing a business is having a deep analytical understanding of your customer base. Leading brands find that analytics powers every decision, from the strategic to the tactical; recognizing that a single valid data point could create the competitive edge that means the difference between success and failure. Whether a firm has a centralized data science team, or a single analyst, organizations need to democratize data to ensure it gets to every worker who is making decisions for the company.

Credit- Adobe Analytics

Bill Ingram
Bill Ingram

At the time of this announcement, Bill Ingram, Vice President, Adobe Analytics Cloud, said, “Adobe is the leader in marketing analytics, with thousands of brands leveraging our tools in unique and advanced ways.”

Bill added, “We are the only company that provides in-depth behavioral pathing and powerful segmentation that’s truly accessible to users at all skill levels, and today we’re ensuring that the analysis has even greater context to help drive business success.”

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Nearly two-thirds of the Fortune 100 use the Adobe Analytics Cloud to address their digital challenges, with the number of customers more than doubling between 2014 and 2017. These leading brands include G6 Hospitality, Major League Baseball, Home Depot, Carnival, and Royal Bank of Scotland.
Courtesy- Adobe blog

Aaron Fossum, Director, Digital Analytics, Holland America, said, “Our guest’s experience, from searching cruise destinations on a mobile device, booking an excursion on our Web site, and ultimately embarking on one of our ships is paramount to our success. Adobe Analytics Cloud has transformed our engagement metrics, and allowed Holland America to treat each traveler as an individual versus just a profile. In just a few weeks of leveraging Audience Analytics, we’ve been able to improve the efficiency of our direct-response buys by 30%, ultimately impacting our bottom line by helping to identify which guests are the most responsive to our marketing activities across channels.”

The New Capabilities of Adobe Analytics

Cross-Channel Journey Analysis On The Fly

Through Context-Aware Sessions within Analysis Workspace, marketers can flexibly define what constitutes a “session” to dynamically allow more precise analysis of multi-channel customer journeys. For example, an automotive brand may have multiple touch points with consumers through a mobile app: one might be a very brief interaction, such as someone remotely starting their car; another might be that user scheduling an oil change at a dealership. Both actions differ in the amount of time a consumer spends interacting with the brand.

Context-Aware Sessions gives app development teams a way to more granularly define how long a user interaction with an app lasts, creating more meaningful context for analysis. These parameters can be redefined on-the-fly and can be applied retroactively, so brands can decipher better insights leading.

Unlike other vendors who process sessions based on inactivity time-out parameters that are hard-coded on the mobile app client side, Adobe passes all behavioral data to the server and applies session definitions non-destructively on the server side. This helps Adobe give brands a more clear picture of how users are interacting with their experiences, helping them understand micro-journeys in mobile apps, while retaining the flexibility to still change session definitions again at a future point in time.

Continuous Audience Refinement

Available in both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager, Audience Analytics empowers marketers with a way to consistently track audience metrics and drive valuable customer experiences quickly and at scale. This is done through a new bi-directional integration between the products. With this deeper integration, for example, a personalization team at a publishing company can now identify segments with the highest engagement in Adobe Analytics, then push these segments to Adobe Audience Manager for use in an ad campaign. After the campaign is complete, those audiences along with their campaign performance data can be pushed back into Adobe Analytics for additional analysis and audience refinement to further refine the audience for use in the next campaign. This back-and-forth continuous improvement is unique in the industry.

New Location Context Visualized for Everyone

New map visualizations in Adobe Analytics allow users to easily view their customer interactions in the context of a mobile app user or digital channel visitor’s location.

For example, a retailer can see that a promotion marketed within their mobile app has driven significantly more in-store traffic in the Time Square location than the Brooklyn one, ultimately allowing brands to change their promotional strategies to drive the behavior they want.

Building on Adobe Analytics’ heritage of enabling enterprises to move from insight to action instantaneously by uniquely integrating insights and action, Adobe introduce the new capabilities.

The capabilities include Context-Aware Sessions, Audience Analytics, enhancements to Analysis Workspace (Adobe’s easy-to-use data discovery and analysis tool), as well as virtual report suite updates for mobile teams.

These new capabilities enable increased collaboration, faster analysis and improved customer intelligence, allowing high-growth brands to derive meaningful insights faster, and with more precision.

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