PlayTreks Opens Brand New NFT Marketplace

PlayTreks takes their journey a step further by opening a brand new Marketplace to create & purchase NFTs; and introduce their new cryptotoken TREKS.

As a data analytics platform at its core, PlayTreks provides powerful insights from streaming, social media, and content sharing platforms. By gathering, comparing, and analyzing performance data from streaming and social platforms, PlayTreks enables its users to gain control over the whole course of their careers. In addition, with radio airplay monitoring, PlayTreks provides its users with the possibility to track when and where their music is being played, all over the world, in near real-time. And, aside from being a data analytics platform, PlayTreks offers music distribution whereby artists are guaranteed 100% of their royalties for a small subscription fee, a digital, and blockchain-based certificate of ownership.

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And now, they take it a step further.

The company opens the door to welcome users to their new blockchain-based marketplace. The playground, as it is also known, will feature PlayTreks’s very own crypto-token, TREKS, that offers its users the option to create, buy and sell NFTs.

The marketplace enables artists, producers, record labels to create, trade, and monetize work through the world of NFTs. As this blockchain-based market is designed for music and content sharing, PlayTreks has built a path for creators to upload music to all traditional streaming platforms, and now, with the brand new marketplace, a new path gives users automatic access to the blockchain-based marketplace. Best of both worlds right?

Visage’s Fade To Grey co-writer and Ambassador of PlayTreks Chris Payne said: “Historically change has always been a bit scary. Moving on from a system that might have been working well for years (even centuries) but has needed to evolve due to our natural search as a human race for betterment. Such is the case with what I’ve heard fellow musicians and composers call ‘The Jurassic music industry’ Blockchain is relatively new, in fact very new, and to some very scary mainly due to a lack of understanding of how it works. Personally, I see it as a massive benefit to the industry. So, if like me you welcome change, especially to the advantage of writers and performers, don’t be scared to embrace this new horizon.”

Before we move on to the details on how this wonderful new marketplace works, check out the video below to get a little sneak peek of the brand new PlayTreks blockchain-based marketplace.

“We set out to be a platform where content creators, DIY artists, art creators, video producers, and anyone who has content they wish to share with the world, can monetize and earn significantly more compared to traditional platforms,” says Anjo De Heus, CEO of PlayTreks. The fact that everything PlayTreks does is data-driven, also the marketplace, is a game-changer. Identifying the value of an NFT based on the popularity of the artist, the number of followers, and more indicators gives pricing of NFT a totally different meaning.

The PlayTreks marketplace is designed to accommodate NFTs, where anyone can buy, sell or swap non-fungible tokens. Not only that, but this playground offers the option to set up collectibles and crowdfund projects too. And guess what, it doesn’t end here.

PlayTreks has designed a tool to facilitate social media users, such as those on Instagram or TikTok, as well as short video content creators amongst others, the freedom to request the right to use an original track. How does it work? Well, it is very simple. In the PlayTreks marketplace, there is a tool that allows users to micro-synchronize works. With a click of a button, a buyer or licensee, can temporarily use a track by paying the NFT owner a flat fee, which can be set by the owner himself, based on the value they see appropriate.

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And to top it all off, the average full NFT transaction fee within the PlayTreks marketplace is only 2.5% to 3%, a much-appreciated percentage compared to other marketplaces.

To support the marketplace, PlayTreks has its very own custom token, TREKS. With an initial value of $0.05, TREKS is an effective method of payment that users within the marketplace can use to create and purchase NFTs. And the best part is, that no technical knowledge is required. Why? Because the PlayTreks marketplace ensures complete trust and transparency for all its users.

Are the marketplace and TREKS a closed environment? Not at all! TREKS is soon to be listed on Coinsbit and will soon be centralized on other cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, TREKS can be swapped with other tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. With more networks to be added very soon!

Oh, and there is a total supply of 10 Million TREKS available! Cool, huh?

What’s next? Well, PlayTreks will also launch XTREKS to make more exclusive features available on the marketplace. With XTREKS, users can vote for the top and/or best songs on the charts and increase royalties for second-hand sales from 2.5% to 3%, on request. It must be said that XTREKS will only be staked to TREKS, and of course, they can be purchased on the very same PlayTreks marketplace.

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