Plotly Announces Newest Version of Dash Enterprise Analytic Application Deployment Platform

Largest release to date enables artificial intelligence beyond traditional BI tools, introduces low-code capabilities for data scientists and drag-and-drop custom views for business users.

Plotly Technologies‘ senior leadership announced the fifth generation release of Dash Enterprise, the leading platform for building, deploying, and hyperscaling artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The announcement introduces powerful low-code features for developers and end users, an architectural and aesthetic redesign, and improved installation and security. Over 800 executives, data scientists, engineers and analysts from around the world registered for the announcement webinar, representing industries that included clean energy, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

The announcement highlighted a low-code dashboarding feature called Dashboard Engine, which enables data scientists and those working with data models to build Dash applications 100 times faster than before. Business data consumers gain the ability to instantly cross-filter millions of rows from big data sources and drill down with custom views in a strictly point-and-click manner without needing to code. Business users can even plug directly into machine learning or AI outputs, running them on demand for real-time insights.

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Plotly’s worldwide developer team dedicated over a year to building Dash Enterprise 5.0, overhauling the product’s front-end aesthetic and underlying architecture. The product is now entirely Kubernetes-native, granting businesses greater control over their Dash applications’ memory and CPU resources. Built-in automation reduces the product installation time to less than five minutes.

The update also includes security features like OpenID, Keycloak, and a new roles and permissions system. A self-contained development environment, called Workspaces, addresses common enterprise IT barriers by providing an enhanced Jupyter interface for creating Dash applications without having to download Python to the desktop.

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The new architecture design also boosts Plotly’s engineering velocity, promising more product updates for the 5.x series.

“Dash is used by 100% of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. With Dash, Plotly’s goal is to take businesses where Power BI and Tableau simply can’t go. We are facilitating the business world’s transition from dashboards on closed BI platforms to AI apps on Dash Enterprise’s open, hackable deployment platform.” – Jack Parmer, CEO of Plotly