Digilant Announces Holding Company ISPD’s Acquisition of Cognitive Marketing Platform Happyfication

Happyfication’s technology will enhance Digilant’s insights, omnichannel targeting, and analytics capabilities

Digilant, an omnichannel advertising services company, today announced the acquisition of Happyfication by its holding company ISPD. New-York based Happyfication helps brands and agencies leverage data-driven marketing across all media. The acquisition follows a partnership to bring together ISPD’s media capabilities and Happyfication’s data intelligence and cognitive marketing platform to support clients like Adrien Gagnon, GoTo, and PepsiCo.

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“The acquisition of Happyfication allows us to offer brands new ways to plan and execute online and offline experiences to connect with customers. In markets as dynamic as today’s, companies must constantly adapt their strategies. With this acquisition, we are taking another step to provide the best tools needed to accelerate strategic initiatives that achieve strategic objectives,“ said ISPD CEO, Andrea Monge.

Additionally, Digilant is welcoming several members of the Happyfication team to the company, including Happyfication co-founder Damon Crepin-Burr, who will assume the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Digilant.

“Marketers crave powerful data intelligence solutions that are actionable as well as enable seamless planning and reporting across all media touchpoints and sales channels. That’s why we’re incredibly excited for Happyfication to join forces with ISPD and Digilant. Our end-to-end media capabilities paired with Digilant’s cutting edge approach to omnichannel marketing is a natural match and the perfect combination to help marketers see more value from their media investments,” said Damon Crepin-Burr.

According to Gartner, despite CMOs prioritizing investments in marketing data, only 54% report that marketing decisions are being influenced by marketing analytics. Happyfication’s technology bridges this gap by leveraging 35,000 declarative data points including, behavioral data, media and content consumption data, and marketplace trends to uncover the highest-opportunity audiences and media targets.

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Happyfication’s technology will enhance Digilant’s insights, omnichannel targeting, and analytics capabilities and will deliver the following benefits to brands and agencies:

  • Complementary tools that break down media silos across online and offline consumer touchpoints.
  • Cognitive, audience, business, and marketplace intelligence to inform brief development and planning.
  • Media planning and execution that is purpose-built to withstand a future without third-party cookies.
  • Advanced targeting that goes beyond device-based data and includes content-based, contextual, and search data.
  • Interactive reporting that enables users to deep dive into your weekly campaign reporting, campaign effectiveness reporting, and attribution models.

“ISPD’s acquisition of Happyfication provides ISPD companies like Digilant unprecedented access to marketing data and the ability to activate on that data using cognitive marketing in ways that no one else is doing in the market,” said Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant’s CEO. “Our bolstered offering will further Digilant’s commitment to driving positive outcomes for marketers and advertisers by connecting brands with consumers wherever they are along the purchase journey.”

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