ClearSale IPO Raises US$254 Million with Eye on Growth, Fraud Prevention Innovation

Massive consumer shift to ecommerce drove 65% net revenue increase for the company, a global leader in CNP fraud prevention

International fraud protection leader ClearSale is pleased to announce that its July 30 initial public offering on Brazil’s B3 stock exchange generated the equivalent of US$254 million (R$1.3 billion) following the company’s historic revenue growth in 2020. ClearSale realized US$147.7 million from the IPO and intends to dedicate 50% of the total to support organic growth, 30% to acquisitions and 20% to innovation and development.

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“We’re evolving to meet the needs of a growing industry, and we’re doing so while maintaining a company culture that’s based on innovation and problem-solving on behalf of our customers”

ClearSale’s advanced statistical technology and its team of expert fraud analysts—the world’s largest—combine to offer unique card-not-present (CNP) fraud prevention that reduces chargebacks and false positives while helping merchants to deliver an excellent customer experience. As the pandemic shifted consumers in many regions from in-store to online shopping and fraud attacks on ecommerce merchants increased, ClearSale’s 2020 net revenue grew by 65.7%, compared to 2019 growth of 35.5%. The company’s 2020 net international revenue grew by 132.7% to comprise 11% of the total.

ClearSale’s leadership team attended the IPO at the B3, where CEO Bernardo Lustosa credited customer confidence in ClearSale’s solutions with the company’s growth. “The IPO was the path we chose to expand the business and follow our mission to promote consumer confidence in the digital ecosystem. Investor confidence in our team, culture, solutions and future plans are now added to the reliability that our clients have already placed in the company over the past two decades to ensure their safety and maintain focus on the consumer.”

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