Elytics Launches ‘Audience-2-Consumer’ Attribution Software to Maximize Marketers’ Ad Spend

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1,800%+ Increase of Direct Facebook Traffic; 130%+ On-Site Product Specific Transactions; 23%+ New Users; All Resulting from a Single Radio Broadcast Advertiser (Over a 30-Day Span) Using Elytics’ Advertising Attribution Analytics Proprietary “A-2-C” Saas Platform

Elytics announced the commercial launch of its revolutionary and proprietary “Audience-2-Consumer” Advertising Attribution Analytics SaaS Platform. Elytics is enabling a new paradigm for advertising attribution. In 2017 Elytics completed large customer beta tests, a strategic radio broadcast initiative, and closed its first Venture Round. Elytics continues to build increased functionality, transparency and ways to further engage its customers as it “shortens the consumer lifecycle.” This transparency allows marketers of all types to maximize their Ad spend through cross-media attribution.

Elytics Launches 'Audience-2-Consumer' Attribution Software to Maximize Marketers' Ad Spend
Mark Preston

Elytics also announced key executive additions. First, Mark Preston has joined as the President & COO. Over the past 11 years, Preston was the Vice President of Digital for both Bonneville International and Hubbard Radio.

Second, Bruce Reese has also joined the Company as a Member of its Board of Directors. Reese is a former Chair of the Joint Radio and Television Boards of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), as well as the former CEO of both Hubbard Radio and Bonneville International.

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Elytics Launches 'Audience-2-Consumer' Attribution Software to Maximize Marketers' Ad Spend
Colby Clark

“Mark and Bruce provide unparalleled vision and industry knowledge,” says Colby Clark, CEO of Elytics. Elytics is a powerful analytics engine compiling intelligent and actionable business insights. “However,” Clark adds, “we are not like just any other analytics tool. Elytics’ provides advertising attribution metrics displayed in a template or custom visual dashboard and positions Advertisers to overcome the ‘last click’ dichotomy.’ Elytics’ “A-2-C” solution transforms traditional broadcast advertising and creates a new paradigm through attributable audience actions.”

“Broadcasters can now justify a more significant share of an advertiser’s marketing budget,” adds Reese. “Radio has needed what Elytics can provide for a long time.” Reese echoes what Inside Radio recently posed to Radio CEOs in Think Tank: How Radio can get a Larger Share of Ad Pie. Specifically, he agrees with Inside Radio in saying, “Radio needs to up its data game, broadcasters say, to more precisely target ad campaigns and to quantify their impact for advertisers.” Id.

Preston further elaborates, “Elytics is positioned at the intersection of advertisers’ craving transparency, and broadcast media needing to provide attribution. Showing measurable audience action will boost broadcast media to ‘get the credit it deserves.’ I am excited to join Elytics and provide an invaluable solution to an industry I’m passionate about.”

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