FeedStock Secures Funding After Launching Sell-side Interaction Analytics Product

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FeedStock, a leading provider of business engagement analytics, announced the completion of a round of fund-raising. Securing the company’s financial future, this round comprises existing as well as new investors, a spokesman for FeedStock said. “We are delighted at the support of our existing investors and we welcome our new investors. We are excited to be working with this investor base to move FeedStock to the next growth phase.”

The release of FeedStock’s sell-side automatic engagement analytics solution was long-awaited by sell-side analysts and sales people who have been struggling with heightened cost pressures and an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. The data generated by FeedStock’s fully-automated system presents unprecedented opportunities for users to be entirely responsive to their clients. Recognising the limitations of legacy CRM systems, FeedStock automatically tracks client interactions, classifies the content and interaction types to deliver unparalleled and actionable insights that drive profit and improve service delivery.

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FeedStock has been shortlisted for the European Hedge Fund Technology Awards by HFM for their initial product, a buy-side automated research tracking solution that ensures MiFID II compliance without disrupting the investment process.

Additionally, FeedStock launched a new website last week.

“FeedStock is challenging the status quo in its approach in understanding engagement data,” explains founder Charlie Henderson. “The collection, processing and analysis of large amounts of data has long been used by marketers to derive customer insights. Equally, analysing supply chain data to improve efficiencies is commonplace in manufacturing. FeedStock advances this philosophy to the professional services market.”

FeedStock is a business intelligence solution that uses the very latest methodologies in machine learning to extract critical data from existing IT infrastructure. A cloud-native application, the software integrates across daily business tools to generate interactions data at source. FeedStock interfaces with legacy systems to collect insightful, granular data using unprecedented techniques to extract, transform, load (“ETL”). On average, 3,000 data points per person are generated each working day. Used intelligently, this information has the unparalleled potential to refine the way people do their jobs and alleviate the burden of manually inputting data. FeedStock presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to deliver customer-centric services and increase profitability.

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