TechBytes with Moses Velasco, Chief of Strategy, Socialbakers

Moses Velasco

Moses Velasco
Chief of Strategy, Socialbakers

In 2018, marketers have shown a remarkable inclination to develop content on Instagram. They have a great way to measure their marketing performance on Instagram with Socialbakers. We spoke to Socialbakers’ Chief of Strategy, Moses Velasco about the core tenets of their Instagram Analytics Tool.

Tell us about your role at Socialbakers and the team and technology that you handle.

I am responsible for defining the strategy for Socialbakers. I work very closely with the regional sales organizations, as well as the product development and R&D teams to make sure that our product roadmap is in line with the needs of our customers.

Customers are central to my role and I spend a large part of my time meeting with them to understand their challenges. It’s only by listening closely to customers that you can make sure your product or solution will bring them real value. It doesn’t matter how innovative you are – if you’re not bringing measurable value to customers you will never be successful.

How different is Influencer Relationship Management from Community Management?

Community Management really spans the full gamut of your online community – across platforms, customer support, brand advocacy, crisis management, etc. Influencer Relationship Management is just one piece of Community Management.

Influencers are a way to scale a brand’s content strategy to acquire and influence new audiences. They are creative, create a lot of content and they have an engaged audience. Brands leverage influencer content as User Generated Content as a way to help them reach their goals.

What are the core tenets of your Instagram Analytics Tool?

Instagram is quickly becoming the most important platform for brand marketers. Last year we added Instagram Impressions, Reach, Website Clicks and Profile View metrics into the Socialbakers Suite giving marketers a new angle to measure their social media activity in one place – an angle that is unparalleled in the industry.

By giving marketers access to these in-depth metrics, Socialbakers makes it easier for them to measure and optimize their social strategy and content quality on Instagram.
Instagram stories are one of the most widely adopted new formats hitting social. With over 300M active users, the necessity to measure the performance for brands across such an engaging format is critical.

How does AI fit into the whole ecosystem of Social Media Monitoring?

Artificial intelligence should play a big role in the social media monitoring ecosystem of any brand or publisher. Specifically, when it comes to social media marketing, AI technologies can be used to take care of the core repetitive functions so marketers can focus on differentiating themselves from their competitors by creating highly engaging content. Without the help of AI technology, marketers often need to spend a huge amount of manual effort in aggregating social data, analyzing anomalies and pulling performance reports. Today AI can take care of that heavy lifting so marketers can focus on creating the content that will engage and excite their audience.

AI is able to make sense of a universe of data. Making sense means providing actionable intelligence to help marketers create more relevant content for audiences that care about it, at a time they will see it. AI brings all of the consumer insights that come from social media to brands so they can be smarter in their approach to awareness revenue and retention.

Tell us about your Facebook Ads Benchmarking capabilities.

Last year Socialbakers announced the availability of almost real-time ads performance benchmarks for Facebook. The benchmarks are powered by data from billions of dollars in ad spend and they provide marketers with a continuous view of how their ad spend performs against their industry, country or region.

The benefit for our customers is that they get a real-time view into how they compare to their competitors on reach and CPC, important data-driven benchmarks which help them view their performance, react quickly and optimize their ad spend.

What makes Social Content Inspiration Tool a unique product for social media campaigns?

Socialbakers’ Inspiration Pro is a firm favorite with our customers because it gives them access to the largest searchable library of social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube so they can find out what’s starting conversations across social. Typically marketers will conduct image searches on Google, Shutterstock or Pinterest for examples they can pass on to their creative. Using Socialbakers’ content curation tool, users can search by specific keywords with the added ability of filtering by content type, industry, engagement metrics or based on the interests of their customer personas – a truly data-driven approach to creating content that is relevant to a target audience.

What does your product roadmap for Audience and Persona Management look like for 2018-2020?

Looking to the future of Audience and Persona management, Socialbakers will be looking to:

  • Widen the data sources available for creating personas
  • Add in rule-based labeling to measure persona performance
  • Derive the persona from the active audience of specific campaigns
  • Recommend personas and their targeting attributes based on campaign briefs

What are your predictions for Live Video Streaming and use of AR/VR in Social Media? How do you prepare for these disruptions?

We have already seen that Live Video is the single most engaging content type right now. It’s organic and highly engaging. We predict that Live will continue to be successful, but as with any content type, at some point, it will make way for other, more engaging content formats, such a VR and AR. VR and AR technologies are very exciting as they bring the virtual world one step closer to the real world. At Socialbakers we are preparing both for our customers and for ourselves.

Thanks for chatting with us, Moses.

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