Fortune Brands Accelerates Its Global EHS and ESG Transformation with ProcessMAP’s Software and Data Analytics

The cloud-delivered solutions from ProcessMAP will serve as the foundation for Fortune Brands’ EHS and ESG data management system

ProcessMAP Corporation, a leader in data-intelligence driven software solutions to empower customers to transform into a sustainable enterprise, announced that Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, will drive the digital transformation of its global EHS and ESG initiatives by leveraging ProcessMAP’s smart and actionable data-intelligence solutions.

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Fortune Brands Home & Security (@FBHS_News) Accelerates Its Global #EHS and #ESG Transformation with ProcessMAP’s Industry Leading Software and Data Analytics Solutions. #health #safety #environment #digitaltransformation #sustainability #riskmanagement

Strategic Drivers for the Digital Transformation Initiative

FBHS has a stated objective to strive for zero safety incidents, minimize the impact of its operations on the environment, and further improve its ESG reporting. A centralized EHS data management system that can offer ACT (Accurate, Complete, and Timely) data intelligence, especially on mobile devices, is a key enabler to translate this vision into reality. FBHS adopted ProcessMAP’s ESG and EHS platform in 2020 to realize this vision.

Additionally, the company also aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Effectively track leading safety indicators like near-misses, observations, inspections, risk assessments, and on-time closure of CAPAs to have a material impact on lagging indicators like TRIR and LTIR.
  • Use intelligent automation to collect, track, record, normalize variations and errors, and further improve the reporting of EHS and ESG performance metrics to various internal and external stakeholders with complete confidence.
  • Proactively mitigate risks and drive compliance by enabling audits and inspections to be conducted over mobile devices. This is a key accelerator for the company’s safety goals.
  • Drive transparency and accountability by assigning Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs), tracking on-time closure rates, and escalating issues in a seamless manner to avoid safety incidents.
  • Empower employees to become active stakeholders in driving EHS and ESG objectives through robust mobile apps that help with end-to-end workflows.
  • Drive strong user engagement and improved user experience with the EHS and ESG data management system through seamless integration with third-party systems, particularly the two-way dataflow integration with workers’ compensation Third Party Administrators (TPAs).
  • Improve the metrics associated with avoiding Significant Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs).

Adopting ProcessMAP as a Long-term Partner to Drive Innovation and Digital Transformation

One of the key reasons for FBHS to replace its legacy EHS system with ProcessMAP’s smart solutions is the ability of the ProcessMAP solutions to seamlessly scale along with the evolving and growing business requirements of the business. The integrated solutions ensure that FBHS has a single source of truth for all of their EHS and ESG performance metrics.

Additionally, ProcessMAP’s Low-Code/ No-Code Application development Platform (LCAP), ProcessMAP Connected Workers Solutions, enables FBHS’ EHS team to build and rapidly deploy mobile-ready apps for specific business workflows. The apps help provide last-mile connectivity of the centralized ESG/ EHS platform to specific business requirements.

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