GoodData Introduces No-Code UI Framework as the Second Phase of Composable Data and Analytics Suite

The new product builds on GoodData Cloud Native’s analytics engine to put the power of analytics in the hands of business users

GoodData, the leader in data and analytics infrastructure, announced its new no-code UI solution, building on its headless BI engine and cloud-native platform to create the first singular composable data and analytics solution in the market.

“The future of analytics is composable,” said GoodData Founder and CEO Roman Stanek. “Composable data and analytics creates business and IT alignment, breaking down data silos that erode trust and prevent collaboration. With our no-code UI solution, we’re creating a new way for businesses to interact with and leverage their organizational and customer data.”

GoodData’s composable data and analytics solution enables anyone at a company to tap into the company’s data assets, services, and integrations (its “data fabric”) and compose new data-driven applications and solutions — no coding experience necessary. Gartner estimates that embracing this type of approach will expand adoption of analytics to an additional 41% of a company — bringing business and corporate departments into the fold.

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“Through 2022, the rapid innovation forced by the COVID-19 outbreak will accelerate the transition of 60% of organizations toward composable business and collaborative business-IT continuum,” Gartner predicted in the Xpo Keynote for its 2020 IT symposium. “By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.”

The no-code UI solution is the second piece of GoodData’s composability suite. GoodData previously launched its cloud-native platform, GoodData.CN, in April 2021, as the first step in Data as a Service both for developers (Community Edition) and scalable to enterprises (Production Edition).

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GoodData.CN’s headless engine exposes a modular set of business intelligence capabilities via APIs — serving as a semantic layer between the company’s data fabric (IT side) and businesspeople (non-technical side). With GoodData’s new composable tooling, customers can modify embedded dashboards through a no-code experience without the need of going back to developers.

Today’s product launch is on the heels of one of the company’s strongest quarters. In Q3 2021, the company saw a 50% increase in new logos acquired from the prior quarter, as well as a 60% increase from H1 2021 in new logo annual recurring revenue. Earlier this year, GoodData also announced $45 million in financing from J.P. Morgan to fuel continued development of composable solutions for enterprise-grade analytics.

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By Helen Poitevin, Chris Howard, Partha Iyengar, Katell Thielmann, Daryl Plummer, Tina Nunno, Don Scheibenreif, Yefim Natis, Rajesh Kandaswamy, Jackie Fenn, Graham Waller, Mark Beyer, 23 October 2020