Announces Datasets: Giving Growth Companies Access to Enterprise Level Insights, the BI software for growing businesses, announced in October, 2018, a platform update that included a new tool, Datasets, that dramatically cut the time companies spend cleaning and preparing their data for use and subsequently increase leadership’s confidence in data quality.

In a recent study on Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing the Value of Analytics and Business IntelligenceTDWI found that company leadership fear trusting their data due to low data quality and consistency and non-standardized data preparation techniques making shared, collaborative data analysis difficult. Grow’s new Datasets minimize these concerns by:

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  1. Offering a library of hundreds of templated Datasets called Playbooks, which gives users access to pre-built data tables for immediate insights.
  2. Allowing Datasets to be shared throughout an entire company for use, creating a single source of truth and making collaboration easier.
  3. Making Datasets and reports connected to them dynamic, which means that if a defined set of data is updated in a Dataset, all connected reports update with it automatically.

Datasets not only increase data quality, but help companies understand their true performance. “Datasets have been pivotal to how we organize our data in Grow,” says Erin Fradelos, Head of Inbound Marketing at Owl Labs. “I love that just a few Datasets house all of our core business data, and power the majority of our reports. It’s much easier to start a report when you have a solid foundation of data already compiled for you.”

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Growing companies need every tool in their arsenal to claim their place in the market. Datasets make it easier for businesses to win with data. “As companies utilize developed analytics on their data, the ability to pull information from a cleaned and prepped Dataset is becoming critical on keeping up with their competitors,” says Rob Nelson, founder and CEO of “Datasets give companies a single source of truth throughout their entire company, giving exactness and consistency, essentially decreasing cross-departments measuring crucial KPIs differently.”

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