iovox Takes Center Stage at Global Online Marketplaces Summit

Showcasing How to Unlock Revenue Opportunities from Conversational AI

After a multi-year hiatus, marketplace executives from around the world will gather in Miami on June 8-10 for the Global Online Marketplaces Summit. Among the headline speakers at the conference will be Cecilia West, Director of Global Account Management for iovox.

A Practical How-To Guide for Conversational AI

Cecilia’s presentation, titled “How to Unlock Revenue When You Choose Conversational AI”, will offer attendees real world insights into how iovox’s conversational AI solutions are being used to discover new sources of revenue and improve business outcomes, without increasing call volumes or radically changing marketing approaches.

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“Our team has a very unique lens into the competitive challenges faced by incumbent marketplace brands and those who are trying to enter the market for the first time,” said Cecilia West, Director of Global Account Management at iovox. “In my presentation, I’ll be sharing practical applications of how conversational AI is being used by forward thinking companies to strengthen their competitive position.”

Iovox has always delivered impressive case study examples and we look forward to this year’s presentation around the future of conversational AI in marketplaces.”

— Simon Baker, Founder Online Marketplaces
Miami Plays Host to Global Marketplace Leaders

The 3-day event kicks off on June 8th at The Edition hotel in Miami Beach. Among the speakers joining iovox will be executives from Shift, OLX Brazil, Meero, El Clasificado, Ringier AG, Introu, and Apax Partners, Automotive Ventures, and Kevel as well as many others.

“Our conference attendees have come to expect tangible take aways from our events and information that can be acted on immediately to improve business performance,” said Simon Baker, Founder of Online Marketplaces and CAV Investment Group. “Iovox has always delivered impressive case study examples and we look forward to this year’s presentation around the future of conversational AI in marketplaces.”

iovox Insights enables analysis of every call with conversational AI

Special discount codes for attendees are available directly from iovox.

Conversational AI Use Cases

The iovox platform offers customers the building blocks to integrate enhanced communications tracking into their marketing and/or operational workflows. The proprietary system and patented technology includes modules for voice, SMS, email, chat, call data, and a new conversational AI solution called iovox Insights.

Applicable in real estate, automotive, any call center, or in tracking marketing leads and conversions, the uses of iovox Insights are endless.

In addition to quality sampling at scale, iovox Insights opens the doors to new ways of understanding challenges and helps companies answer questions relating to lead quality, call outcome and marketing performance.

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Fully customizable keyword rules can be established for every call, creating bespoke data sets that directly address the business challenges of the individual marketplace.

Call Tracking Not Required. Privacy Compliant.

The conversational AI solution from iovox relies on recorded calls and is fully compatible with privacy regulations around the world. The iovox Insights service can work independently from iovox’s traditional call tracking solutions.

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