Japan’s Largest Mobile App Analytics ‘App Ape’ Heading to the US


App Ape Has Just Been Pre-launched, Targeting a Service Launch Upcoming Next Month

Fuller, Inc, the largest mobile app market analytics provider in Japan, announced the pre-launch of its analytics platform App Ape in the United States. For the service launch upcoming next month for US data, App Ape opens a pre-registration for the earliest access with a special discount offer.

App Ape is a mobile app analytics platform where app publishers can access their competitors’ data and key metrics. App Ape has focused on specializing in Japan and South Korea marketsand provides high value in usage data such as user demographics and the number of active users in a certain period of time besides store and sales stats. The analytics has supported more than 3,000 companies including the world’s leading tech companies such as King, Supercell, Spotify, and LINE in addition to most of the Japanese mobile apps or IT related large companies including Docomo, KDDI, Rakuten, Recruit, and more.

App Ape will be available in the US between the middle and end of next month and allow app publishers and marketers to access the U.S. market data. Today, the pre-registration is open, and the earliest access and the special discount will be provided in advance to the service launch.

App Ape’s special features:

  • Access to Usage Data such as User Demographics and the number of Active User (ex. MAU, DAU, HAU)
  • Quick Access to analytics by Self Serve
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • User Friendly Interfaced Dashboard

Fuller is a Japanese tech company founded in 2011 by the appointee of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asia 2016, Shuta Shibuya, specializing in mobile app service and technology. Fuller’s main leading service is App Ape, an Asian market focused mobile app analytics platform. Fuller has built a partnership with the mobile data intelligence company based in San Francisco, Mobile Action.

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