Marchex Partners with Facebook, Launches Omnichannel Analytics Cloud for Industry-First Complete View of Customer Behavior

Marchex logoMarchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, today announced a partnership with Facebook that will integrate across their social analytics solution and into an industry-leading analytics platform, Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud. This integrated technology platform now enables marketers to quickly optimize their marketing spend across all paid media channels based on actionable insight into which channel drove offline interaction by consumers to a brand. A recent study by BIA/Kelsey suggests that phone calls to businesses via smartphones will exceed 100 billion this year– that makes the ability to measure and gain insights regarding consumer behavior across all media channels, or an omnichannel view, critical to developing and refining a successful marketing strategy.

Recognizing the critical need for marketing measurement and analytics to evolve, Facebook is partnering with Marchex to ensure that the most reliable and advanced call analytics are available to marketers. As one of the most important touchpoints in the customer journey, Facebook’s influence is immense, but ad exposure on social media can be difficult to tie back to phone calls or in-store purchases. This partnership eliminates that blind spot by giving marketers a deep understanding of what happens on a phone call that stems from a Facebook ad. This level of insight and ability to immediately measure cross-channel impact is what today’s marketer needs to convert prospects into customers.

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“At Facebook, we know how powerful a mobile device is, and we’re proud to have created one of the most powerful platforms for global brands to reach their audiences,” said Doug Weiss, product partnership manager at Facebook. “With that power comes an acute responsibility to provide accurate data that enables brands to understand how this engagement on Facebook might be driving interactions off of Facebook. Partnering withMarchex to couple rich call analytics with Facebook’s own data is a significant step forward for marketers who must understand their audience and make sound, real-time decisions to increase their revenue.”

Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud helps marketers connect customer conversions driven from all paid media channels – including search, display and video, social and sites – to calls made to a business. This results in smarter media spend and lower new customer acquisition costs, higher phone call conversion rates by callers based on optimized media, and increased customer conversion and revenue to businesses. For industries that have a significant reliance on phone calls to drive appointments and sales, such as insurance, automotive, travel, and cable, the integrated solution allows marketers to finally have a full and accurate understanding of which marketing activity is most successful in order to optimize overall marketing spend and ROI.

“Online advertising has long struggled to connect digital engagements with accurate attribution to offline interactions and sales. While the influence of mobile phones and reach of digital channels like Facebook is undeniable, we also know that a large portion of sales are still closed in the physical world of phone calls and stores,” said Nikhil Kolar, vice president of product and engineering at Marchex. “Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud connects that critical moment where online influence and offline transactions meet, and in turn activates those insights inside a marketer’s dashboard-of-choice at enterprise scale. This can enable marketers to optimize their consumers’ purchase journey and maximize advertising ROI.”

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