New Videology Knowledge Lab Examines Measurement’s Key Role in the Converged TV & Video Advertising Space

Industry-Education Report Outlines the Uses, Challenges and Evolution of TV and Video Ad Measurement

In addition to this, the Knowledge Lab explores the evolution of measurement in both TV and digital video, including a detailed timeline of the path of TV measurement, the path of digital video measurement, and where the two intersect. The lab found that that the convergence between TV measurement and digital video measurement occurred in the early 2000’s.

To help advertisers navigate the often-complex world of measurement, the Knowledge Lab also provides a detailed look at measurement opportunities that are available in TV and video today including brand, action, sales and audience verification studies.

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Aleck Schleider
Aleck Schleider

“The reason all marketers advertise is to drive a given set of results, and accurate measurement is the only way to understand if those results are achieved,” said Aleck Schleider, SVP of Client and Data Strategy, Videology. “Fortunately, advances in measurement have accelerated in the past few years. We are approaching the Holy Grail where exposure to TV and video advertising can be tied directly to a variety of brand and business metrics. It’s important—and challenging—for advertisers to fully understand these fast-moving metrics in order to drive the greatest ROI from their advertising. We wrote this Knowledge Lab with that goal in mind.”

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