First Street-Level Digital Ad Network to Reach Audiences Using Mobile Insights from Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic

Clear Channel Outdoor’s New Outdoor Smart Screens Are The First Street-Level Media to Reach Audience Groups Based On Their Consumer Travel Patterns And Behaviors Derived From Mobile Data

Clear Channel Outdoor, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc, announced the launch of two new digital media networks, totaling 100 dynamic IP addressable HD screens in the highly-sought after urban metro area of San Francisco, Calif. CCO will fuse the new “Digital Urban Panel” networks into its Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR campaign planning and attribution solutions by Feb 2018, becoming the first street-level media capable of reaching audience groups based on their consumer travel patterns and behaviors derived from mobile data.

The roll-out of these HD digital screens, in prime locations throughout San Francisco, converts traditional media into highly valuable, dynamic digital inventory that allows brands to engage with residents and tourists using state of the art digital technology.

“Our new Digital Urban Panel networks gives advertisers a new and proven way to reach motorists and pedestrians in prime locations throughout the densely populated San Francisco area, where there is limited digital inventory,” said Bob Schmitt, Regional President, Clear Channel Outdoor. “Our clients look to us to help them reach their desired audience in innovative, fresh and creative ways, and we’re excited to activate the first of these networks.”

All 100 Digital Urban Panels on pre-existing street-level news racks throughout the city are IP addressable and offer dynamic and real-time content capabilities. The first 50 screen digital network went live Nov. 20. The second, 50 screen digital network, will be complete the first quarter of 2018.

These new assets allow brands to engage with audiences on a digital Out-of-Home (OOH) product with wide frequency and depth of coverage. Further, when coupled with CCO’s existing transit shelter media in the market, brands can increase their media weight and presence through takeover opportunities that offer 100 percent share of voice.

In parallel with this 100-unit strong advanced advertising deployment, CCO will integrate all its OOH pedestrian-level printed and digital screens in San Francisco, and throughout the US, into Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR. This includes bus shelters, stationary transit media and highly-populated transit hubs. This advanced advertising solution answers a call from brands looking to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, enabling them to choose from among 700 different audience segments incorporated into the CCO RADAR solution. It also allows advertisers to measure the impact of their OOH campaigns, which have been shown to help brands achieve double to triple digit lifts in visits to advertised retail locations.

Clear Channel Outdoor debuts new digital screens in densely populated areas of metro San Francisco. (Photo: Business Wire)
Clear Channel Outdoor debuts new digital screens in densely populated areas of metro San Francisco. (Photo: Business Wire)

With locations in Union Square, the Financial District, Moscone Center, AT&T Park and Market Street, Fisherman’s and the Embarcadero, the new Digital Urban Panel networks reach highly-desired consumer audiences in the most densely populated districts in the San Francisco metropolitan region in non-residential areas, the company is seeing interest from clients in telecommunication, spirits, fashion and tourism.

Both digital networks allow advertisers to reach retail, entertainment, dining, financial, tech savvy and business decision-maker audiences via high-quality graphic displays throughout San Francisco’s prime areas. These new digital ad networks are also the only street-level media available to beer, wine and spirits brands in this area. In addition to sophisticated behavioral audience targeting based on mobile data, CCO anticipates this network will deliver a measured audience of more than 1.8 million adult 18+ ad impressions weekly. The new networks are all IP addressable and offer the following unique digital capabilities:

  • Conditional Triggers
  • Weather changes
  • Time of day
  • Pollen counts
  • Traffic
  • Data Integration
  • Sports scores
  • Time and temperature
  • Countdown clock
  • Breaking news
  • Social Integration
  • Hashtag aggregation
  • Social media content
  • Moderation
  • Reposting

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, with more than 650,000 displays in over 35 countries across five continents, including 43 of the 50 largest markets in the United States.

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