Telaria Introduces Fraud Fighter for Premium Video Inventory

Telaria’s Fraud Fighter Is Part Of An Ongoing, Platform-Wide Initiative That Reinforces To DSP partners And Their Clients That Video Inventory Transacted On The Platform Will Meet Or Exceed Industry Brand Safety Standards

Telaria, Inc, a leading video monetization software company, announced a first-to-market program that offers buyers protection against fraud for premium video inventory monetized on the company’s platform, including CTV, the fastest-growing video segment in the industry. Telaria’s Fraud Fighter is part of an ongoing, platform-wide initiative that reinforces to DSP partners and their clients that video inventory transacted on the Telaria platform will meet or exceed industry brand safety standards.

Mark Zagorski
Mark Zagorski

Mark Zagorski, CEO of Telaria said, “We are at a critical juncture in the future of digital video advertising. It is imperative that advertisers feel confident in the quality of the content that supports the advertising experience, as well as in their advertising ROI, in order to continue to grow their investments in burgeoning areas like OTT and CTV. Inventory quality and brand safety have always been paramount for us. The Fraud Fighter Program and Guarantee simply codifies our long-standing commitment to transparency and combating fraud.”

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Fraud Fighter is the first of its kind for a seller video platform and consists of both a rigorous, platform-wide, three-step process to attack fraud and a commitment to buyers via the Fraud Fighter Guarantee.

The Fraud Fighter 3-step process expands Telaria’s already high quality standards, in which we:

  1. Vet Suppliers: Telaria’s dedicated quality assurance team pre-approves all platform supply through a process that evaluates against comprehensive guidelines.
  2. Validate Content: Additional human vetting processes ensures each supply site is verified for users to consume content – not simply a landing page for ads – and confirms the content is brand-safe and meets Telaria’s premium standards.
  3. Verify Inventory: Telaria works with MRC-accredited, third-party verification partners to meet or exceed safety standards for all inventory.

The Fraud Fighter Guarantee underscores Telaria’s commitment to quality and ensures that advertisers are not paying for verified fraud when buying via a qualified platform.

This program exemplifies Telaria’s drive to lead the industry in content quality and underscores its approach to partnering with those companies equally committed to a fraud-free ecosystem. To that end, Telaria has recently entered agreements to identify and fight fraud with The Trade Desk, DataXu, Amobee, and Adobe, and is actively in negotiations with other leading buyers to further this collective mission.

“Telaria’s continued stance of prioritizing quality and standing behind the inventory on its platform is especially important to us at dataxu, where CTV is an exploding growth area for our customers. This initiative aligns with our priorities and ideals for a fraud free, principled ecosystem,” said Sandro Catanzaro, Chief Innovation Officer at dataxu.

Art Muldoon
Art Muldoon

Arthur Muldoon, Co-CEO Amnet Group US and Co-Founder of Accordant Media said, “We applaud this move by Telaria to take a proactive role in always putting quality at the forefront and to stand behind the inventory that transacts on its platform. As we build towards a CTV future, the integrity of supply is vital to our customers – transparency, security, brand safety are not buzz words, they are central to how we do business. This initiative raises the standards for the industry and we are proud to be a partner with Telaria.”

Telaria (formerly Tremor Video), is the leading independent data-driven software platform built to monetize and manage premium video inventory with the greatest speed, control, and transparency, wherever and however audiences are watching.

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