Talroo Releases New Infographic Showing How Employers Can Attract Workers n Mismatched Market

New job seeker survey results show what workers are looking for to re-enter workforce

Talroo, an award-winning job and hiring event advertising platform, has released an informative new infographic about why businesses are struggling to hire, the top things job seekers are looking for, and what employers can do to attract more candidates.

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The economy has entered a recovery period, brought on by increased vaccination levels and pent-up demand from consumers who have spent the past year at home. However, many businesses can’t keep up with this growing demand because of a recent inability to hire. Whether it’s because of childcare concerns, increased unemployment benefits, or safety issues, there just isn’t enough interest in these open positions to get them filled.  There are many job seekers out there looking for work – but there seems to be an economic mismatch in the current market. Employers can still reach candidates, but they’ll need to adapt to what is important to the current job seeker.

“Employers and consumers alike are finally seeing real recovery after a long year,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price. “It’s understandable, though, that it’s going to be a challenge to hire people back. Many of the people who were laid off last year have found other work. We’ve seen some great efforts from employers to get creative with finding new talent, from cash offers for interviews, to sign-on bonuses, to higher starting wages. It’s an unprecedented time in the economy, but there are still plenty of workers out there for companies who need to hire.”

The infographic combines research and internal survey data of over 1,000 job seekers to determine the top reasons people aren’t accepting jobs (with household factors like childcare being crucial) and what they are looking for in their current search (with flexibility nearly as important as pay). It also details the impact of unemployment benefits and stimulus payments on the urgency of people’s job search, the effectiveness of sign-on bonuses, and how the trend of rising wages will affect companies’ search for top talent.

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