PoliteMail Enhances Internal Communications Features for Better Email Measurement Results

As internal communications budgets, programs, and campaigns become more data-driven, PoliteMail is unveiling a newly enhanced version of its internal communications measurement software. The new capabilities give internal communications professionals more management and measurement options for messages sent to employees via Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365.

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Today’s internal communication teams collect a wide array of information on how employees respond to email messages. Communicators want meaningful metrics that go beyond email opens. That’s why PoliteMail has enhanced its software to include the following capabilities:

  • Designated inbox for email bounces and auto-replies. To avoid inbox clutter each time broadcast emails are sent, users can specify a different inbox (return mail path) to which bounces can be returned. By using this method, a user can keep one sending account free from any undeliverables and use another sending account to monitor bounces and out-of-office replies.
  • Improved feedback survey options for better employee engagement. Employees can “like” or “dislike” messages, giving communicators instant feedback on messages they’ve sent.
  • Updated mobile responsiveness to correspond with recent Outlook for iOS update version 4.45.0. This improves the mobile user experience for employees who are remote or on-the-go.
  • Editing options for preheader text in emails. Internal communicators can customize the “preview” text, just under the subject line of an email, or choose to leave this section blank for security reasons.
  • Greater support for Chinese language messages. PoliteMail’s word count can now accurately count Chinese characters.
  • Expanded single sign-on (SSO) support for user authentication with Okta and SAML2. Secure SSO and seamless integration with Okta and SAML2 mean that enterprises can reduce reliance on password-based authentication.

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“Focusing internal communications measurement efforts on more meaningful metrics provides the most accurate reflection of how well your messages are resonating with employees,” said Michael DesRochers, managing partner of PoliteMail. “Measuring how active, aligned, and engaged employees are with corporate emails helps identify gaps in communication. It can also serve as a signal that employees feel disconnected from management, which can cause issues with productivity, turnover, and overall engagement.”