PublicRelay Launches Industry-First Predictive Analytics Offering

New Capabilities Enable Communicators to Predict the Future

PublicRelay, the leading communications analytics and advisory company, has launched an all-new suite of predictive analytics that is now available to clients. These industry-first solutions build on the company’s rich, accurate dataset to identify articles likely to go viral and predict competitive messaging initiatives before they get traction.

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The new offerings shift a portion of the communicator’s job from a reactive role to a proactive one – putting them squarely in the driver’s seat of brand messaging. These capabilities were made possible by recent developments in artificial intelligence, paired with the accurate analysis from PublicRelay’s human-augmented technology approach.

PublicRelay’s new StormWatch alerts provide advanced notice of articles that will go viral in social media. For negative stories, communicators gain time to warn internal audiences and implement a proactive response. Positive stories going viral can get a preemptive boost from the communications team. StormWatch also enables the team to focus on the most important articles and the influencers driving social sharing. Finally, StormWatch can analyze and predict virality for the competition or industry topics to identify opportunities.

PublicRelay’s new Competitive Predictor solution uses complex analysis of media coverage to uncover messages the competition will be focusing on in the coming weeks. The sophisticated platform then identifies the reporters that are the most likely target of that messaging, allowing clients to hijack the narrative or water down competitive messaging. The predictor can also serve as an early warning of new competitor products and marketing campaigns, allowing communicators to become a valuable source of business intelligence to the entire company.

“For years, communicators have been looking for ways to peek around the corner – to know what is coming next – and now we have cracked the code,” said Eric Koefoot, PublicRelay CEO. “StormWatch and Competitive Predictor are the first in a full suite of predictive solutions that PublicRelay is bringing to market for our clients in the coming months.”

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