Wellness Coach Launches Slack App

First wellness app built for remote workers stuck at home to launch on Slack, the leading business communication platform

Wellness Coach, the startup offering an all-encompassing digital wellness platform and tools for 1,000_ companies globally, serves as the first wellness app built for remote workers stuck at home to launch on Slack©, the workplace collaboration hub that makes communication easier among team members. Starting February 22, 2021, teams can access and engage in wellness sessions directly within Slack channels.

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“With the remote workforce, we don’t get the opportunity to move around the office building. We wanted to extend Wellness Coach to all those working either remote or hybrid workforce so they can move around, stretch, do breathing exercises, or get water break reminders within Slack,” said D Sharma, Wellness Coach Co-Founder and CEO.

By adding Wellness Coach to a Slack workspace, users can enjoy meditations, exercises that are five minutes or less and don’t require a mat or weights, stress-relief exercises for the neck and back, or inspirational affirmation. The app also provides reminders, customizable nudges to move around, and have a mental reset.

By adding Wellness Coach to a Slack Channel, teams can initiate activities for everyone that are on that channel. Teams can also run polls to see which activity everyone is interested in and send reminders to everyone. Slack announce feature allows for channels to announce Wellness Programs on other channels within the enterprise.

“As more teams are adopting digital communication platforms such as Slack, being able to access Wellness Coach and its features right from where they work online will allow users to boost employee engagement and productivity throughout the day,” said Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Julie Sharma.

“Our partnership with Slack, who has an extensive reach in the workplace, brings us closer to fulfilling our vision of inspiring billions of people to live their best lives through our wellness programs,” added D.

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