BBTV Signs New Contracts With Major Content Partners

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BBTV Holdings Inc., a media-tech company that uses technology-enabled solutions to help content owners become more successful,  announced the signing of four major content partners: Nick Pro, penguinz0 (Charlie White Jr.), Jack Denmo, and Francesca Farago. The partners further amplify and expand BBTV’s rich library of content, viewership, and monetization. In addition, BBTV has retained and extended its partnerships with Kwebbelkop (Jordi van den Bussche), IAmSanna (Sanna Van Vucht), and CJ SO COOL (Cordero Brady), highlighting the company’s ability to combine base solutions that deliver high volumes of views and transactions at massive scale, with its Plus solutions that provide high margins and enhanced value adds for BBTV and its partners.

“These new signings demonstrate BBTV’s ability to partner with the world’s largest and most influential independent content owners. We love helping content owners of all sizes maximize viewership and revenue while saving them valuable time and energy,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “We’re continuing to further unlock the value of our partnerships and activating higher-margin Plus Solutions to drive significant new revenue streams. The simple migration of our existing content owners from our Base Solutions to Plus Solutions is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for BBTV given our enormous size and scale.”

BBTV welcomes Nick Pro (104.4M YouTube Monthly Views; 4.88M YouTube Subscribers; 66.4K Instagram Followers; 320K TikTok Followers) to its partner base. Nick is a Parkour, free-running, and tricking athlete, and is Canada’s largest YouTube creator in the sports category, and the 3rd largest globally. Nick is also BBTV’s seventh-largest US-based content owner based on monthly views.

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“Digital content consumption has accelerated amidst global pandemic. Never before have so many people consumed content online. Americans now spend a quarter of their day with digital media,” continues Rafati. “Ad spending will continue to follow eyeballs and we are very well positioned to benefit from this trend given our scale, engagement, and market positioning.”

Penguinz0 (158.7M YouTube Monthly Views; 6.57M YouTube Subscribers; 630K Instagram Followers; 1M Twitter Followers; 1.6M Twitch Followers;) also joins the BBTV partner base. With his choice brand of humor, penguinz0 has cemented himself as one of the top creators of entertainment content, becoming BBTV’s third-largest US-based content partner (based on monthly views) and gaining roughly 2M subscribers in the past year alone. Penguinz0 is also the co-owner of and managed by Human Media Group.

Additionally, BBTV has signed Jack Denmo (4.5M YouTube Monthly Views; 709K YouTube Subscribers; 18.7K Facebook Followers; 64.6K Instagram Followers; 1.2K Twitter Followers), who in just over two years has built up a very dedicated fan base. Best known for his spontaneous street interviews and pranks, Jack really knows how to make people laugh. Most recently, he has evolved his channel to include feature-length movies to promote his brand “Virgin Squad”.

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Rounding out BBTV’s new partner additions is Francesca Farago (276.5K YouTube Monthly Views; 293K YouTube Subscribers; 4.8M Instagram Followers; 34K Twitter Followers; 2M TikTok Followers,), who is most known for appearing as a contestant on the popular Netflix show ‘Too Hot to Handle’. Originally from Ottawa, Ont, Francesca now spends most of her time in Los Angeles and working on her channel, covering various topics including what it was like filming her show, relationships with her co-stars, fashion hauls, and lifestyle content. Francesca is managed by StellarCollective.

BBTV is also thrilled to announce that it is extending its existing partnership with Kwebbelkop (59.9M Monthly Views; 13.7M Subscribers, 1.1M Instagram Followers, 402.3K Twitter Followers), the 24th largest Gaming creator on YouTube in the United States, and further activating Content Management as part of its Plus Solutions. Kwebbelkop is represented by Click Management.

In addition, IAmSanna (108.9M Monthly Views; 7.63M Subscribers across 5 YouTube channels, 681K Instagram Followers, 256.5K Twitter Followers), the 19th largest Gaming creator on YouTube in the United States, has partnered four additional channels with BBTV. IAmSanna is managed by OP Talent. Family vlogger CJ SO COOL (18.8M Monthly Views; 8.38M Subs, 447.1K TikTok Followers, 3.8M Instagram Followers) has also renewed his deal with BBTV. Through BBTV’s Plus Solutions, CJ SO COOL has already benefited from several Ad Sales campaigns this year, with brands including The RealReal, Reebok, and Raycon.

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