BBTV Signs New Contracts With Top Global Content Creators

Signings of Tfue, Joogsquad, That’ll Work, Mobotv, Tingman, Ohara, Susy Mouriz, Ahmad Mahroom, Gabriel e Shirley 2.0, Rafinha Betero, and Fairy Tales for Kids Add Millions of Monthly Views and 27.8 Million Subscribers Organically

BBTV Holdings Inc., the leading creator monetization company with a mission to help creators become more successful, today announced numerous major content creator signings, further amplifying and expanding BBTV’s rich library of content, viewership and monetization.

  • Signings include Tfue, Joogsquad, That’ll Work, Mobotv, Tingman, Ohara, Susy MourizAhmad Mahroom, Gabriel e Shirley 2.0, Rafinha Betero, and Fairy Tales for Kids.
  • With these content partners, BBTV adds millions of additional monthly views and 27.8 million subscribers organically.

“We partner with the world’s top creators that are defining the culture of today and tomorrow, and today’s announcement is a testament to the strength of our end-to-end solutions to help them grow and make more money,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “These creators are a great representation of the breadth, depth and diversity of partners that we draw and empower at BBTV. In a fast-growing creator economy, creators really need a one stop shop solution so they can focus on their passion of making incredible content. We’re proud to be that comprehensive partner.”

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BBTV welcomes Tfue (11.9M YouTube Subscribers; 4.7M Instagram Followers; 4.2M Twitter Followers; 4.6M TikTok Followers; 317K Facebook Followers) to its partner base. Turner Tenney, better known by his online alias Tfue, is one of the top American streamers and esports players best known for his Fortnite content and gameplay. Tfue is a household name in the gaming and esports vertical, and collaborates with some of the biggest gaming names in the world.

BBTV has signed Joogsquad (5.7M YouTube Subscribers; 701K Instagram Followers; 101.7K Twitter Followers; 1.7M TikTok Followers; 134K Facebook Followers), also known as Jack Tenney and the older brother of Tfue. He is a professional skimboarder, longboarder, and surfer who directs, edits and produces extreme sport and prank videos.

Michael Shields, the mastermind behind That’ll Work (1.7M YouTube Subscribers; 138K Instagram Followers; 5.3M TikTok Followers), always loved creating trick shots, and with the pandemic keeping people at home, time and opportunity opened up for Michael to create content he loves. That’ll Work, now joining BBTV, has grown into a successful trick shot and family entertainment channel, with a creative, fun, and often humorous spin on ordinary trick shot videos.

BBTV has also added Mobotv (1.98M YouTube Subscribers; 1.2M TikTok Followers), one of the most entertaining short-form content and skit creators around; Tingman (436K YouTube Subscribers; 15.1K Instagram Followers), an Australian social media superstar who has captivated audiences everywhere with videos solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles; And Ohara (504K YouTube Subscribers; 5.1K Instagram Followers; 27.4K Twitter Followers), a popular German YouTuber who makes review and analysis videos on chapters of popular Manga and Anime series such as One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, JuJutsu Kaisen and Shounen.

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Other notable signings BBTV is excited to announce include:

  • Panama’s own Susy Mouriz (4.3M YouTube Subscribers; 493K Instagram Followers; 6M TikTok Followers; 193K Facebook Followers), known for her comedy and prank YouTube videos.
  • Jordanian-based comedian Ahmad Mahroom (457K YouTube Subscribers; 13.2K Instagram Followers; 963.1K TikTok Followers; 5.1K Facebook Followers) who is excited to take his video presence to the next level.
  • Brazilian duo Gabriel e Shirley 2.0 (418K YouTube Subscribers; 108K Instagram Followers; 430.6K TikTok Followers; 2.5K Facebook Followers) known for their content that is energetic, humorous, and fun for the whole family.
  • 5-year-old Rafinha Betero (383K YouTube Subscribers), who is already building his online presence by releasing funny and engaging videos, using Roblox and Minecraft, on a daily basis.
  • Fairy Tales For Kids (35.7K YouTube Subscribers), a family-friendly channel that creates instructive and entertaining content based on classical world-renowned fairy tales from European authors.
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