Brilla Media Launches Innovative Branded Latinx Entertainment, Media, and Experiential Platform for Marketers

First-of-its-kind Trifecta of Major Latinx Pop Culture Festivals for L.A., NYC, and Miami are set for Spring, Summer, and Hispanic Heritage Month
Brilla’s Proprietary Distribution Platform Guarantees Premium Digital CPE Delivery for Branded Content via Paid, Owned, Earned and Partnerships
Brilla unites pioneers of Hispanic social media, pop culture festivals, sports marketing, and press release wire service industries

Ralph Paniagua, Manny Ruiz, and Joseph Paniagua, the pioneer founders of the Hispanic social media industry, sports marketing, pop culture festivals, media, and press release wire services are joining forces to launch Brilla Media.

The Latino-owned company will leverage decades of expertise, strategic alliances, and insights to provide brand marketers with innovative Latinx branded entertainment, media, and experiential storytelling.

Fueled by its proprietary premium content distribution platform that integrates Paid, Owned, Earned, and Partnerships for guaranteed delivery of CPE campaigns, Brilla Media features five service pillars: Brilla Media (distribution), Brilla Live (festivals and livestreams), Brilla Creative (branded storytelling), Brilla Social (influencer and social media amplification), and Brilla Purpose (social good).

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Pop Culture Festivals Coming to L.A., NYC, and Miami

In 2021, Brilla’s growing slate of innovative content offerings will prominently feature a coast-to-coast trifecta of major Latinx pop culture live stream festivals in L.A., NYC, and Miami. Cinco de Mayo L.A. will anchor the West Coast on May 1 with a star-studded Spring-time festival. The summer will highlight the Empire State’s venerable 116th Street Festival on July 10th. Hispanic Heritage Month will be the theme of Miami’s epic Fall program, NuestroFest on October 2. If conditions permit, all three festivals will take place physically as well as virtually in 2022.

Thanks to Brilla’s premium digital and broadcast TV platform, all three bilingual, multi-generational festivals will garner millions of verifiable, Guaranteed on-target views for brand partners.

“Our ability to guarantee premium views for branded storytelling content – including our Trifecta of festivals – is a chief cornerstone of Brilla’s offering and something that is only possible through the team and partners we’ve assembled,” said Brilla Media Managing Partner Joseph Paniagua.

“Nothing I’ve done before compares to the sheer scale of partnerships, digital media inventory, reach, talent, celebrity and influencer access that Brilla already represents from Day One of its operations,” said Manny Ruiz, Co-Founder of Brilla Media. “I’m extremely honored to be part of a platform that is truly Latino-owned and will also have a huge focus on producing Social Good projects that continuously serve our Latinx community.”

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Brilla Stands for Social Good

The company’s name is significant because Brilla (breeyah) literally means shine in Spanish, and the brand’s storytelling DNA is already associated with being a purpose-driven Force for Good. In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the Brilla team produced three major live stream festivals that helped raise more than $1.6 million for 25 Latinx non-profit organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. (The team’s Altísimo Live festival to support America’s farmworkers is a finalist for the 2021 PRWeek Multicultural Marketing Campaign of the Year).

As part of its Force For Good heritage, Brilla is pledging to contribute cash and/or marketing resources on a year-round basis to select, non-political-oriented, nonprofit organizations that serve the Hispanic community.

“The timing for Brilla meets the needs of a fast-changing industry that must evolve with new and creative ways to engage the Latino consumer,” said Brilla Media Co-Founder Ralph Paniagua.

Brilla is a Guaranteed Media Placement Powerhouse

To augment the client’s branded content reach, Brilla integrates news and influencer website placements through its partnerships with Latinx Newswire and Pop Culture Newswire. Effective this week, both wire services began offering brands guaranteed reach and automated reports for online placements that are the most comprehensive in their niche – and part of Brilla’s earned media assets.

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