GameRefinery Unveils Finalists for Its New Mobile GameDev Awards Celebrating the Best in Mobile Game Design

The inaugural 2021 Mobile GameDev Awards will take place in February with six categories covering different aspects of mobile game innovation and feature design focusing on the US, China and Japan

Mobile game analytics specialist GameRefinery is excited to announce that after many coffee-fuelled Zoom sessions, the jury has reached a decision on the finalists for its brand new Mobile GameDev Awards. The awards recognise and celebrate innovation in mobile game design from developers in the US, China and Japan. The six finalist categories include Innovation in Core Gameplay, Most Promising Soft Launch Game, Biggest Evolver (US, JP, CN), Best Newcomer (US, JP, CN), Best Feature Innovation and Best Event (US, JP, CN). The winners will be announced in a live-streamed ceremony on 25 February 2021.

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The finalists and winners of the 2021 Mobile GameDev Awards have been selected by an international jury of industry peers including GameRefinery analysts, gaming advisors and podcast creators Deconstructor of Fun and creative platform, Luna Labs.

GameRefinery’s platform tracks over 100,000 mobile games for market research, competitor intelligence, and player insights and provides more than 2,500+ in-depth game feature deconstructions and analyses.

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“We wanted to reward studios and developers excelling in mobile game design and innovation, rather than just top-charting performance,” said Markus Råmark, CEO of GameRefinery. “Receiving our award is a testament to developers’ achievements in game design, highlighting innovation, creativity and excellent user experiences overall that drive the industry forward.”

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