Global Game Publishing Expert Alexander Harutyunyan Joins Global Metaverse Game Service Platform CRETA

Game publishing expert Alexander Harutyunyan to serve on its advisory board for online games.

CRETA, the next-generation creator metaverse platform, has appointed global game publishing expert Alexander Harutyunyan to serve on its advisory board for online games.

Alexander Harutyunyan is a graduate of Cambridge Business School with a technical background, and he is currently the CEO of Innova, a publisher that operates online games such as Lineage series, RF online and many others. Innova is a full-scale professional online games publishing company that has operated various online games in Latin America, Russia and Europe, and Alexander is responsible for the company’s overall management and strategy.

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Blockchain-based global metaverse platform CRETA consists of a team veteran producers of various nationalities with significant experiences at companies like Microsoft and SEGA, and experts in the blockchain field. CRETA plans to launch a decentralized creator metaverse platform where both gamers and professional game developer studios can easily create and launch their own games and metaverses, along with a Blockchain NFT Game Service platform, where AAA-class IPs with P&E features can be enjoyed.

The Creator Metverse platform and blockchain NFT game service platform of CRETA will be operated based on the blockchain mainnet of Locus Chain, a fully decentralized and high-performance scalable blockchain. Locus Chain, which achieved full decentralization and high scalability technologies while maintaining low cost, is the most suitable blockchain technology for operating metaverses and NFT game platforms, where potentially millions of people connect simultaneously. Users can freely enjoy Create & Earn (C&E) and Play & Earn (P&E) gameplay through NFT and DeFi without any burden of transaction fees.

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CRETA exists in addition to multiverse public spaces with unique themes such as fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Anime, as well as unique metaverse public spaces created by affiliates, all creating their own ecosystems within the platform. It is said that users can enjoy the metaverse experience of socializing, communicating and trading in an infinitely expanding place.

Alexander: “I believe blockchain games and the metaverse represent the next step in the evolution of online games. Being based on the powerful engine and Locus blockchain, CRETA has the unique potential to become an exciting platform for gamers and creators.

Formerly I had the privilege of working with CRETA founders and some key team members, and will now be glad to help them create the CRETA platform.”

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