Good Gaming Joins Forces with Blockchain App Factory to Develop and Implement Marketing Initiatives for The Branding and Launch of Its MicroBuddies™ Game

Good Gaming, Inc. is pleased to announce it has partnered with world-renowned NFT, Crypto and Blockchain technology specialists, Blockchain App Factory to develop strategic initiatives for the marketing and brand development of the Company’s first-to-market MicroBuddies game set to launch in the third quarter of 2021.

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Blockchain App Factory, a pioneering blockchain business development company since 2017, is considered a maven in the domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Blockchain App Factory’s end-to-end quality crypto solutions have allowed it to emerge as one of the foremost industry-leading experts in the blockchain and crypto sector. Having represented world-class clients like Econet Global, Li & Fung, and Shell Oil Corporation, Blockchain App Factory has successfully executed over 160 projects on behalf of clients in 30 countries. Backed by proficient cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals in six countries, Blockchain App Factory’s meticulous research on the concept of non-fungible tokens  and so-called tokenomics has enabled it to build its flagship solutions in the NFT product market. Spotlighted in Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, Crypto News BTC, and other news organizations, Blockchain App Factory demonstrates a record of accomplishment in helping business clients flourish in virtue of its marketing and other strategies.

The NFT Gaming Market:

After blistering first-quarter sales and a slight pullback in the second quarter of 2021, the NFT gaming market has witnessed a surge in demand to start the third quarter of 2021. NFT sales exceeded $1.2 billion for the month of July 2021, while demand for NFT blockchain games has soared. As reported by Forbes, sales in July 2021 represent 50% of the cumulative sales reported in the first and second quarters of 2021:

David B. Dorwart, Good Gaming, Inc. CEO, stated, “Our marketing collaboration with an industry leader like Blockchain App Factory shows the serious commitment we have in working with whom we consider being the best in the industry when it comes to building our brand and making MicroBuddies,™ a recognized NFT game in the global market.” He also stated, “The recent Forbes article further cements our belief that MicroBuddies™ and its first-to-market concept are perfectly positioned to capture robust market share in the fast-growing NFT gaming space. We look forward to utilizing and implementing Blockchain App Factory’s analyses, global contacts, and expertise as we collectively join forces with our U.S.-based digital marketing team to strategically implement a successful campaign. Timelines are now being drawn, and we believe our marketing initiatives shall start over the next several days.”

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