New Audio Technology Creating Next Generation of Drive-Ins

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment —A new sound is coming to Drive-In Theater and Outdoor Movies, as Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE) releases their Ultimate Mobile Listening App to replace or enhance standard FM radio. While still using FM transmitters for many of their events, UOE recognized that FM radio has its challenges. Some obstacles include finding the clearest station in each area, overcoming interference from other stations or weather, and ensuring the strength and range is sufficient for each. Earlier this summer, UOE began their efforts to create a better listening experience for Drive-In audiences around the country.

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The Ultimate Mobile Listening App enhances the three key elements of audience engagement head-on: Increased Audio Quality, Customized Branding, and Targeted Messaging. In addition to static-free listening, UOE clients hosting Drive-In events can now directly connect to their viewers thru the UOE mobile app. When UOE clients add the Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ to their Drive-In, they gain the opportunity to highlight upcoming events and provide valuable information to their audiences before, during, and after the show. While many movie nights will contain a pre-roll or have announcements before the movie starts, audiences are more engaged when they can continue learning more by clicking and browsing thru their phones.

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“While we are excited about this new audio technology and further promotional capabilities, the added advertising will be a huge benefit to so many of our clients! Putting on a Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Experience is not inexpensive. Many of our clients have multiple sponsors, and the Ultimate Mobile Listening App can help sponsors expand their reach and visibility. Offers shown on the big screen can be secured within the app, and additionally messaging can appear while audiences wait for the film to begin. Direct links to sponsor websites and food menus allow sponsors to see real-time viewer engagement. The Ultimate App also helps clients who are fundraising to reach or even surpass their goals. The app also offers full customization for a look that brands the entire experience while encouraging the viewers to remain engaged.”  Darrell Landers, Founder & CTO

The Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ works like most apps on your phone. Viewers may download the app beforehand or once on-site, and clients can offer connection information ahead of time and on-screen at the event. Unlike FM Transmission, where channels may require a change just before or even during a film, the Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ allows for simple setup, easy sharing with viewers, and even more engagement leading up to the film. The audience has many listening options, including listening directly from their phones, listening thru their favorite earbuds or headset, or using their vehicle’s or other mobile Bluetooth speakers.

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