Bitsclub Vision Program Enters Strategic Partnership With Contentos to Create Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem

The Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP), a project birthed by collaboration between Bitsclub and a variety of renownedentrepreneurs and businesses, and Contentos (COS), a decentralized global content ecosystem, announced a plan for strategic cooperation (BVP-COS) on September 6th. COS is now BVP’s first project, and BVP will provide a full range of technological, asset, and media support to the Contentos team.

Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP) and Contentos (COS) have joined forces (BVP-COS) to further expand the blockchain ecosystem and investigate potential future business opportunities as a collaborative unit.

The BVP-COS partnership now officially codifies COS as the first flagship project of BVP and gives BVP the opportunity to integrate COS’s high-quality user base into their ecosystem to bring a further robustness to the platform. 

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The mechanics of the partnership will have both project teams collaborating towards building a modern, decentralized blockchain-based global content ecosystem. Objectives of the ecosystem include, finding solutions to solve the pitfalls of the content industry (inadequate copyright protections, opaque control of the flow of traffic, etc.), facilitate P2P revenue distribution, and ensure the monetary value of a person’s created content is not siphoned off by outside forces.


The Bitsclub Vision Program ( was founded in August 2018 by Bitsclub China’s first angel club focusing on cryptocurrency digital assets, and blockchain.

The partnership will see Bitsclub and Nebulas founder (and BVP initiator) Hitters Xu, join COS as a technical advisor to provide guidance and support.

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The partnership with Contentos helps BVP come closer to their goal of introducing 100 million high-quality users to the blockchain world via technologically robust and sound projects with stable user groups and mature business models.

Additionally, working with BVP will aid Contentos in expanding their global ecosystem, which currently consists of more than 3 million videos and nearly 160 million pieces of live content.

Contentos will also have access to BVP’s extensive roster of founders, who stand ready to provide expertise and guidance, and are world-renowned entrepreneurs and highly regarded figures in the blockchain industry who span the entirety of the industrial chain.

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