Adobe Announces Innovations in Video Suite at IBC 2018

Adobe Creative Cloud adds Upgraded Features to Its Inventory to Support Video Professionals

Adobe Creative Cloud’s expanded capabilities will provide faster production rates, and seamless workflows, among many other features to enable video creators to bring their ideas to life.

Adobe announced the salient features of their latest Creative Cloud Release-

  • Adobe Sensei-powered animation
  • Intelligent audio cleanup tools
  • Selective color grading
  • Advanced data-driven motion graphics templates
  • End-to-end VR 180 support

These features ensure that video makers will get more time to build creative ideas rather than edit. Adobe products like the Premiere Pro, After Effects and a few other Cloud-based applications, are instrumental in producing some of the best video work, in recent years.

Steve Warner, vice president of digital video and audio at Adobe, said, “Video professionals face short deadlines, clunky handoffs and long lists of deliverables. This latest Creative Cloud release introduces new innovation and capabilities to address these challenges and make common tasks faster and easier.”

This announcement comes soon after Adobe’s Project Rush, which was exclusively developed for online video content creators. Project Rush is an all-in-one, cross-device video editing application.  Project Rush opens a world of streamlined and instinctive user experience that permits efficient video content creation and sharing. Project Rush projects further amplify after harnessing the power of Premiere Pro and After Effects. Project Rush is scheduled to go live later this year.

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Adobe will be adding several other capabilities to achieve faster workflows in video editing. Here is a brief of these additions:


Creators can leverage Mesh Sculpting (in After Effects) to access a multitude of options to produce animation. Adobe Sensei is now leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable instant animation. Characterizer, allows users to create unique puppets of themselves using device cameras.


Adobe facilitates high-quality sound when processed in intelligent cleanup tools, DeNoise and DeReverb, in Adobe Audition’s Essential Sound Panel.

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Premiere Pro and After Effects are helping creators eliminate trial and error from their methodologies. By leveraging Lumetri color tools, creators can simplify and add more precision when using colors, while editing.

Moving Data

Premiere Pro equips uploading data sheets into pre-loaded video templates to present data in a video format.

Immersive Video

Creators can also experiment with futuristic visual methods like Virtual Reality and 180-degree Video that are a part of the Premiere Pro and After Effects Suites.

Team Collaboration

Easy access to collaborate with teams and individual contributors through enterprise address books.

Pre-Loaded Stack

Creators have access to a pre-loaded library of 4K and HD visuals as a part of Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Evidently, Adobe is realizing that sales, branding and marketing initiatives will be deployed with video as the core theme. The company is taking steps to develop a platform that ensures that creative pursuits in the future are lucrative.

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