Vonage’s Nexmo Connect Partner Program Launches with over 100 Partners Ready to Build Innovative Solutions for Enterprise Customers

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Program Enables Partners to Take Advantage of $18 Billion CPaaS Market Opportunity

Vonage (NYSE : VG ), a business cloud communications leader, today announced the Nexmo Connect Partner Program (Nexmo Connect), the cornerstone for a community-based, collaborative ecosystem of Nexmo partners.

Vonage built Nexmo Connect in order to better meet the needs of enterprises that require complete solutions customized to their unique requirements. Already more than 100 partners strong, Nexmo Connect is designed to help Nexmo partners find new opportunities, strategize to stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately create more compelling customer experiences for the enterprises they serve. A growing number of industry-leaders, including Microsoft, Facebook, MuleSoft, Built.io, Tray.io, Converse.ai, and Aspect Software have already joined the Nexmo Connect partner ecosystem.

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As businesses and consumers demand better, more intuitive applications that make communication personal, relevant, and seamless, the need for partnerships and collaboration between innovative solution providers will only grow. In fact, according to a recent forecast from industry analyst firm IDC, the voice and text messaging CPaaS market is poised to experience huge growth with revenues totaling more than $18 billion over the next three years.[1] Combining the strengths of the Nexmo team, its partners, and customers via Nexmo Connect empowers Vonage to build fully customized and unique communications experiences for enterprise customers of all sizes and across industries.

“This new partner program allows enterprises to fast track innovations using rich communications,” said Mark Winther, VP Telecom Consulting for IDC. “By empowering a wide array of technology partners with modern API communications capabilities, Nexmo is further democratizing the developer experience to accelerate development and deployment cycle times.”

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“No single business can do everything for all customers, which is where a Partner ecosystem comes in. Nexmo Connect enables us to develop stronger relationships with our valued partners, while they benefit from the depth of knowledge held within the full community,” said Mark Summerson, Global Partner Program Director for Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “This combination of Nexmo + Partners is already creating huge value for our mutual customers.”

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He continued, “Through this program, Nexmo partners have access to our comprehensive programmable communications platform, which includes core communication APIs across voice, SMS, IP messaging and video. Nexmo partners will be empowered to help their customers develop unique experiences, creating a stronger and more personal level of engagement with their business that would not be possible without this technology.”

Nexmo Connect differs from a typical partner program in a number of key ways, but its unique, community-based approach stands out. Unlike other partner programs that offer a one-on-one channel experience, Nexmo Connect includes an extensive support system of Nexmo partners and experts that are ready to collaborate on building, selling and marketing. Partners are categorized by the solutions that they take to market, including Application Partners who offer pre-packaged applications, Integration Partners who offer custom solutions, and Technology Partners who offer complementary APIs and platforms.

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