Optimizely Introduces Adaptive Audiences To Personalize Digital Experiences Through Machine Learning

New capabilities automatically source and serve up highly relevant experiences at scale

Optimizely, the world’s leader in digital experience optimization, announced a major enhancement to its experimentation and personalization engine with Adaptive Audiences. The new capability powered by machine learning will enable brands to deliver exceptional personalized experiences for their customers at scale.

According to research by eMarketer, a lack of resources is the leading barrier for global companies to achieve their personalization goals. With Adaptive Audiences, Optimizely customers save time and resources by automating the processes that segment audiences in order to deliver personalized experiences. Optimizely’s machine learning algorithm harnesses real-time browsing data and user behavior to inform audience segment builds, eliminating the laborious manual build process.

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Among the many challenges for brands implementing personalization at scale, data and technology remain two key hurdles that prevent brands from delivering an unrivalled customer experience. Traditional machine learning-based personalization products require a significant amount of upfront time collecting data in order to deliver tailored experiences. With Optimizely, customers are up and running in a matter of days and can start rolling out personalized experiences immediately. Marketers can use Adaptive Audiences in conjunction with data from first and third party integrations in order to more effectively target audiences.

“Consumers crave a tailored experience and every brand that we talk to understands the importance of personalization, but puts it off due to the challenges,” said Jon Noronha, Director of Product at Optimizely. “There is no longer a choice but to optimize for the individual consumer; however, there hasn’t been a solution that adapts in real-time until now. Too often consumers see an impersonal experience because companies set specific manual rules. For example, if you recently looked at phones online but after purchasing your new phone continued to see targeted ads for phones, you’re understandably going to get frustrated. Our needs change from day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. Optimizely’s Adaptive Audiences ensures consumers get the best experience for what they’re interested in right now.”

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Adaptive Audiences leverages real-time browsing behavior and natural language processing to understand each visitor’s intent, matching them with experiences that are highly relevant and best suited for each individual. Optimizely customers also now have technology to purposefully broaden the reach of their campaigns, expanding their impact without sacrificing their relevance.

In addition to Adaptive Audiences, Optimizely utilizes machine learning in its current offerings such as, Stats Acceleratoralgorithm testing with Full Stack, and Recommendations. Adaptive Audiences is currently in testing and will soon be available in beta across Optimizely’s Web Experimentation and Personalization products.


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