C-Suite TV Announces Content Partnership with BizTV

C-Suite TV’s BestSeller TV and Executive Perspectives Live Shows to Air on Hundreds of Broadcast Channels Nationwide on BizTV’s Platform

C-Suite TV, a streaming digital on-demand business video channel, announced a content partnership with BizTV to air select primetime shows from the C-Suite TV lineup. In return, BizTV, a channel dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with resources to succeed in business, will have select contributors air their programming on C-SuiteTV.

BizTV will air C-Suite TV’s primetime shows Best Seller TV and Executive Perspectives Live on their broadcast platform, available in over 59 million households nationwide. C-Suite TV shows will air every Sunday at 6 PM EST beginning on Sunday, April 1st. In exchange, BizTV shows The Ray Lucia Show and The Big Biz Show will air on the C-Suite TV platform. Both shows will be available anytime on demand as well as airports and hotels nationwide.

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With over 30 million small businesses and 15 million home-based companies in the US, BizTV aims to provide original, educational and compelling programming about what it takes to succeed in today’s business world.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

“I’m excited to be able to join forces with BizTV as a way to help other entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals find programming that gives them an edge in a very competitive world. We are looking to provide business people with the resources to find the biggest trends and discussions taking place today,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman and CEO of the C-Suite Network, host of C-Suite TV’s Executive Perspectives Live and C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

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BizTV and C-Suite TV put businesses at the forefront with their one-of-a-kind programming featuring business executives and thought leaders across a number of industries.

Kelly Kantz

“BizTV is very excited to be partnering with C-Suite TV to provide some of the great business programming airing on BizTV, which includes The Big Biz Show and The Ray Lucia Show. C-Suite TV will be a great addition to the BizTV network adding some of their fantastic business programming to our lineup across the US,” said Kelly Kantz, VP of Programming and Marketing.

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