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Ceros Becomes a HubSpot Connect Certified Partner

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Connect Partners Are Independent Software Vendors Who Have Built An Integration With Hubspot And Passed Certification

Ceros, the cloud-based interactive content creation platform, announced that it has joined HubSpot, a leading provider of inbound marketing and sales software, as a Connect Certified Partner. HubSpot works hand-in-hand with Connect Partners to help grow their business through co-marketing and business development campaigns to increase shared customers. Connect Partners are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and passed certification.

With the Ceros integration, you can transform your HubSpot landing pages into interactive experiences that drive engagement, boost conversions and deliver valuable insights.

Inbound marketers can now capture information without the interruption of a traditional form fill. The integration enables users to eliminate the static landing page, gate content at any point (including a specific page, time, or scroll depth), and unlock additional content or set custom actions after any form submission. Additionally, the forms can be styled based on the goals and designs of each campaign – all without the need for developers.

“We’re very excited to have Ceros on as a Connect Partner. This integration will make it even easier for our customers to achieve their growth goals through interactive content that drives engagement and conversions,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot.

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HubSpot’s Connect Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations. Certified Partners comply with a set of requirements in addition to hitting set milestones for the number of installs and positive reviews from customers to receive the HubSpot stamp of approval.

Simon Berg
Simon Berg

Ceros CEO and co-founder, Simon Berg, says, “We believe content should inspire your audience, not annoy them. That’s why we built an integration that challenges the paradigm of having a landing page with a form that gates your content. It’s a true game-changer for the entire inbound methodology.”

In 2012, the Ceros team set out to disrupt the world of content marketing—a world that shackled designers and suffocated content creators with subpar solutions that sucked all creativity out of the process. To truly inspire their customers with great interactive content, brands were forced to undertake custom development work that was complicated, time-consuming, and unscalable. Ceros was created to stop the insanity.

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