Now Discovery’s Lumix Platform Embeds dtSearch To Instantly Search Terabytes Of Emails, Documents And Other eDiscovery Data

Lumix works in a securely configurable cloud environment or locally to offer state-of-the-art eDiscovery at a down-to-earth price

Now Discovery and dtSearch together announce Now Discovery’s Lumix platform embedding the dtSearch Engine as a proven way for Lumix customers to power through eDiscovery at an affordable cost. Now Discovery provides its premium Lumix eDiscovery platform for cloud-based or on-premises use. dtSearch offers enterprise and developer text retrieval (including its own built-in document filters) to instantly search terabytes of online and offline data.

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Lumix delivers the power of machine learning and predictive analysis in one integrated easy-to-use solution. By deploying the dtSearch Engine in combination with Lumix’s advanced AI-driven analytical and filtering features, Lumix enables end-users to identify key files as well as exclude other files not relevant to the legal matter at hand. Equally important to today’s eDiscovery needs, in addition to filtering for relevancy, the Lumix system also allows identification of files with personally identifiable information (PII).

“Integrating the dtSearch Engine into Lumix was a no-brainer, it really is the industry-standard when it comes to running complex keyword searches,” says Hector Corral, Now Discovery EVP.  “Lumix’s dtSearch Engine implementation has allowed us to build a platform that makes it easy for users to focus on what’s important. Time and time again, we see users reduce eDiscovery costs by combining Lumix’s advanced filters with the built-in dtSearch Engine integration.”

dtSearch’s core developer component, the dtSearch Engine, instantly searches terabytes of mixed documents, emails plus nested attachments, databases and online data with over 25 different search options (including faceted search, security filtering and much more). The dtSearch Engine has its own document filters for data parsing, extraction, conversion and display with highlighted hits. The dtSearch Engine SDK offers these capabilities through C++, Java and .NET / .NET Core APIs to Windows, Mac and Linux developers, both for “on premises” applications as well as for online platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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