PlatformQ Education, the leader in virtual content development and strategy, announced plans to open its industry leading Conduit platform to trusted development partners to support the unification of critical insights often overlooked or unavailable to enrollment management and fundraising professionals.

The availability and adoption of tools like virtual tours, AI chatbots, digital maps, virtual reality experiences and more exploded since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges facing higher education professionals with the availability of these disparate tools include: ensuring the institution’s brand is represented consistently, fully utilizing behavioral data derived from these platforms, and maximizing the effectiveness of outreach and personnel resources.

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While CRM platforms like Slate and Salesforce allow institutions to store data and manage communications, centralizing data from the wide array of platforms students use to interact with an institution is challenging. Conduit enables institutions to unify their data, no matter which platform(s) they use to build or host virtual content — connecting anonymous website traffic with identified prospect or alumni data earlier in the process and with deeper insights that are updated in real-time.

Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and Outreach at PlatformQ Education said, “A post-pandemic engagement plan will rely on multiple branded digital experiences and resources to reach and support students while effectively personalizing the process and attributing outcomes to the right sources. By opening the Conduit platform to external development partners, we’re building a true virtual engagement ecosystem that will connect all of the tools an institution uses together to create a single unified record, which all but eliminates stealth applications for admissions and boosts donor engagement for advancement offices while maximizing staff time and building more responsive predictive models.”

Building on existing data integration partnerships with Capture and Underscore (a Carnegie Company), PlatformQ Education will work with developers at participating virtual content providers to support better attribution and access of engagement for a variety of digital channels, including:

  • Virtual tours
  • Digital campus maps
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences
  • AI Chatbots

Unifying reporting and marketing attribution of these channels will empower admissions and development offices to better understand the impact each channel has on conversion of their respective efforts without relying on additional, costly outsourced consulting services.

“Over the last decade, we have observed how marketing firms copy and paste redundant and outdated tactics in an attempt to reach students and parents. It is difficult to attribute these tactics to enrollment or fundraising outcomes. With our suite of services and development partners, we have digitized the engagement process with highly trackable virtual tools, while cutting out the overhead, to pass the savings and data efficiencies on to our college and university partners so they may better focus their efforts and more effectively support their constituents,” Robert Rosenbloom, President and CEO of PlatformQ Education said.

With budget resources shrinking and admissions and fundraising teams becoming more and more under-staffed, effective use of resources will be paramount to the success of enrollment management and fundraising departments at colleges and universities. In addition to unifying virtual experiences for students and institutions, PlatformQ Education has introduced bundled service offerings to better integrate new student search, parent engagement, and personalized video experiences with the Convert and Workflow modules of the Conduit platform. Rogers added, “With the full Conduit platform, institutions can rely on our team and software to build and execute impactful continuous engagement and student search programs, at a fraction of the cost of legacy search firms, with superior results.”

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