Disruptive Streaming Service, Vabble, Listed on Mandala Exchange, Powered by Binance Cloud

Mandala Exchange, powered by Binance Cloud, is thrilled to announce Vabble as its first premiere listing. VAB will be the first project listed on Mandala Exchange outside of the Binance ecosystem. VAB will be listed alongside 1,000+ trading pairs available on Mandala that share liquidity, order books, and security with Binance. Vabble plans to merge the best aspects of in-theater experience for movie goers with a state of the art production launchpad for scriptwriters, producers and filmmakers to fund and produce content on a global scale.

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“Filmmakers want to write, direct, and produce the content that they desire but are held back by traditional financing models. Vabble has created a disruptive, game-changing approach to traditional project financing. Vabble will democratize film financing to the tune of multimillions, eventually billions, by leveraging cryptocurrency liquidity and creating an entirely new creative marketplace where emerging and established filmmakers can thrive!” – John C. Hall Former EVP, Universal Pictures & Partner, Cardinal Trio Pictures.

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What is Vabble?

The Vabble platform is a media consumption experience unlike anything available today with exclusive content for users; providing subscribers with a unique collection of films, documentaries, and series to choose from. Users can create invite-only co-watching experiences to replicate the magic of the theater without leaving home. The result is a unique shared viewing experience that connects fans of the same content on a global scale.

Our economy is designed to give directors and writers control over their work and the opportunity to generate revenue directly from it. This includes direct P2P payments between the users and content owners, built-in NFT marketplaces that studios can use to auction off promotional materials related to their work, and even live AMAs with stars of released films, intimately connecting them with their audiences.

Finally, governance! Vabble Production Launchpad, a go-to funding source to help writers and directors get their works off the ground, enables the global community to invest in one of the largest sectors in the world, film. All while providing a de-capitalization of the outdated film and streaming industry. Vabble aims to redefine the standard SVOD revenue sharing model with their VAB economy.

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