Kapost Launches First-of-its-Kind Resource Kit for B2B Marketers’ People and Processes Challenges

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Content Operations Self-Assessment and Workshop Facilitation Cards Provide Solutions for b2b Marketers in the Age of the Customer

Kapost, partner to marketers building their content operation, launched its tools for content operations. This first-of-its-kind resource kit includes the Content Operations Self-Assessment and Workshop Facilitation Cards.

In addition to Kapost’s platform to support B2B marketing teams, Kapost created its tools for content operations to help these teams solve the people and process challenges of content creation and management. The tools for content operations are based on the collective experience and insights from Kapost’s marketing and services teams, who over years identified patterns and similarities in the obstacles their customers faced at midmarket and enterprise organizations.

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“I’m confident in these two intertwined truths: Technology alone isn’t the answer to marketers’ problems, and content operations is the future of content marketing–which is a grown up content marketing framework that delivers value across the entire organization, not just the marketing team,” said Toby Murdoch, CEO and co-founder of Kapost. “We’re committed to providing not just technology but also support for the people and processes which enable marketers to get the right content to their customers at the right time.”

A content operation is the people, process and technology involved in planning, creating, distributing and analyzing marketing content. Within a content operation, the processes that govern the customer journey enable people to have visibility and collaborate effectively during the content lifecycle.

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“While it would be easy for me to say that technology is the silver bullet for marketing operations, neglecting people and processes will cause the entire operation to collapse in on itself,” said Murdoch. “A content operation with fully integrated people, process and technology is how organizations can more judiciously target strategic contexts that actually move the needle on buying decisions—without creating excessive content to pollute an already congested marketplace.”

The tools in detail:

  • A 10-minute Content Operations Self-Assessment benchmarks the current state of an organization’s content operation and identifies the root causes of current challenges. The results provide in-depth analysis and actionable next steps to improve the maturity of the content operation.
  • The Workshop Facilitation Cards are a beautifully designed downloadable deck full of activities and conversation prompts to break down silos and facilitate discussions that help frame how an organization approaches their own content operation.

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