Tencent Open Media Platform Helps the World’s Content Creators Localize Content for Chinese Audiences

At this year’s annual gala event for Tencent Open Media Platform that was held in Beijing on 23 January 2019, platform executives and content creators discussed the innovations and changes that have taken place across the content industry over the past year. Four international partners, including Zoomin.TV, Insight Entertainment, VSMEDIA and Tastemade, won the Content Contribution Award for 2018, while WebTVAsia was honored with the award for the most popular micro-short plays of the year.

The platform also disclosed its achievements in signing agreements with global content players, having entered into collaborative agreements with a number of quality content organizations around the world and helping many foreign content organizations localize their content for Chinese audiences.

Tencent Open Media Platform adds international content to its media mix, speeding up its content diversification process

At present, the platform’s overseas partners are mainly multi-channel networks specializing in tourism, sports and food as well as short videos featuring celebrities from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Brazil, South Korea and Japan, as well as several other countries.

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The introduction of content from outside of the local market can not only promote the diversification of Tencent Open Media Platform’s offerings to better meet the expectations of viewers, but also help content creators learn from their mature production and marketing management models for entertainment- and leisure-oriented content and rich experience in industry norms in their respective markets, especially the US, the UK and Japan.

In 2018, the platform signed an exclusive content agreement with Real Madrid, the news feed of which is distributed synchronously on several leading news and information platforms, including Tencent News, Tencent Video, QQ browser, QZone, WeChat, Kuaibao, QQ Kandian and QQ Tribe, under the management of Tencent Open Media Platform team.

In September 2018, the platform and Tourism Malaysia jointly launched We Are In Malaysia, a touring reality show presented as a series of short videos. Based on the behavior of streamed information consumers, the platform brought together several leading production and distribution partners, inviting streaming video celebrities from China and Malaysia to join them in showcasing the most interesting and unique features of Malaysia, with a focus on four aspects: the country’s cuisine, its many islands, the culture and the local ecology. The videos produced by the group were viewed 347 million times during the first 70 days. As a complete marketing solution for the creators of original content, the production and distribution of the program fully reflects the platform’s overall planning, distribution and promotion capabilities.

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With Chinese audiences having clearly expressed their desire to see more overseas travel, sports and related content, and overseas sports, tourism and entertainment organizations seeking to expand their footprint in China, the Tencent Open Media Platform, through the data capabilities of Tencent’s information flow solution, can deliver the necessary precision matching between the content and the target audience, unifying user and brand value.

With the platform’s embrace of non-domestic content, the platform moves beyond the boundaries of its traditional content ecosystem

The content consumption market is currently in the ascendant, while the availability of rich content further heightens Chinese viewers’ interest in even more diversified sets of content. Through the introduction of content from all over the world, the platform will connect an ever-growing number of high-quality short video creators, live broadcasters and other professional content producers to the platform with the goal of providing audiences with more personalized and interactive rich media content.

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Although China’s domestic content sector is developing rapidly, it is still in its infancy when compared with the foreign market. Taking short video as an example, overseas players have more professional production teams, with the production quality of short videos matching that of television stations. As Tencent’s principal depository for content, the platform has entered into partnerships with many leading global content organizations, not only helping foreign content organizations land in China, but also bringing quality international content to Chinese audiences as well as introducing mature content production models to Chinese producers, in a move that will improve and enrich the domestic content ecosystem.

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