Video Content Platform, Instill, Launches for Entrepreneurs, Instructors, and Creators to Monetize Their Following

Created by AE Studio, Instill caters to the creator economy as influencers and instructors build their brands using subscription platforms

AE Studio, a leading product and venture studio driven by world class developers, data scientists, and designers, has launched Instill, a platform for creators, brands, instructors, and influencers to monetize their followers with a subscription-based, health, fitness, and wellness OTT video platform. Through their innovative Skunkworks division, AE Studio’s newest product, Instill, is a white label platform that de-risks expensive and lengthy custom builds enabling affordable and expedited go-to-market capability to entrepreneurs and global brands alike with web and mobile apps and robust analytics.

Prior to Instill’s launch, content creator and fitness influencer Jacqui Kingwsell joined the platform to push forward the vision of providing health, wellness, and fitness professionals the ability to fully customize content and monetize their followers. The Pilates Class used Instill to facilitate a subscription-based instruction class during the COVID pandemic.

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“The platform made it so simple to get started and share my content, while giving me the freedom to personalize my brand,” said Jacqui Kingswell, Founder of The Pilates Class. “It’s helped me build The Pilates Class the way I envisioned it.”

The Instill team set out to build a platform where content creators and professionals can create, upload, and share content with their audiences directly – without the hassle of uploading to intermediaries who control and censor content while taking a disproportionate cut of revenues. To address the desire for content control and the desire to help businesses grow, AE created Instill, a one-stop shop for fitness professionals to launch their own customized web and mobile apps, host their own content, drive recurring revenue, and maximize profits, all made possible by Instill’s transparent and aggressive pricing model.

“Instill turns content creators into founders and enables large brands the ability to increase their total addressable user-base with industry focused features meant to increase the agency of all stakeholders,” said Jevan Fox, COO of Instill. “When creators and companies can customize the user experience and gain key audience insights from an intuitive admin panel, they receive all the gains and none of the pains.”

AE Studio (Agency Enterprise) is building technology products for clients, partners, and scaling their own companies. All AE Skunkworks projects are focused on increasing human agency by decreasing friction for end users and ultimately enabling them to accomplish their goals.

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