YOYOW Association and Jensen Technologies Jointly Release Joomla! Extension for YOYOW Blockchain Network

The YOYOW Association and Jensen Technologies have jointly released a Joomla! extension for the YOYOW blockchain. This extension is based on the YOYOW blockchain middleware. Websites that use the Joomla! open source project can interact with the YOYOW blockchain through this extension. The current version of this extension provides the YOYOW authorized login feature, and future versions will support content deposit, reward, and content incentive features.

Starting from Supporting Third Parties

The core concept of YOYOW is to build a blockchain-based platform using a decentralized consensus method for pricing contribution and providing equity returns for the UGC area. To achieve this core concept, it is necessary to enrich and improve the third-party content community and enable the partners integrated with the YOYOW network to get more technical support and achieve platform growth.

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The YOYOW Association is a mechanism established by the YOYOW team to focus on nurturing and supporting the third-party content community of the YOYOW Community Ecological Project. The YOYOW Association will support the YOYOW Community Ecological Project in infrastructure, funding, education, promotion, development and distribution.

Through the coordination of the YOYOW Association, the technical capabilities of YOYOW can be fully applied to the third-party content community, which can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the platforms, effectively enhance the user experience, and give users the sense of participation and governance while effectively spreading the value of decentralization.

It can be said that these programs, plug-ins, and extensions serve the third-party content community on the YOYOW ecosystem.

Joomla! Extension and Its Features

This release is an extension for Joomla! CMS developed by Jensen Technologies. Jensen Technologies is an active development team in the Joomla! community. The YOYOW Association has established a close relationship with the Joomla! community and will continue to work with a variety of third-party developer teams.

Joomla! is a very easy to use CMS. It can install thousands of extensions and has strong extensibility, having been widely used by enterprises, governments, and individuals to build web applications. Joomla! has a very friendly backend, and even without any IT skills, Joomla! can be used to build and manage websites.

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The extension has the following features:

  1. User login using identity from YOYOW blockchain

Version 2.0 (1st quarter of 2019) of the extension will have the following features:

  1. Post articles or hash values to the blockchain for blockchain content storage, witness and copyright protection
  2. QR Code login feature
  3. Direct token transfer to send token reward to content creators

Version 3.0 (2nd quarter of 2019) of the extension will have the following feature:

  1. Token incentive feature

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