MarTech Acquisition: Partnerize Acquires BrandVerity to Tighten Brand Safety Standards for Brand Partners

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the Marketing Technology leaders from losing touch with their vision and ambitions. In a major martech acquisition deal, paid search and website compliance platform BrandVerity has been sold to Partnerize, a renowned Partner Management Platform. BrandVerity provides website brand safety analytics to maximize CTRs and minimize CPCs by identifying and removing harmful ads from appearing on your most popular branded keywords. By acquiring BrandVerity, Partnerize is expected to amp its partner management platform to protect any affiliate channel from abuse by policing and taking down unauthorized ads.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding business continuity and cash inflow marring the future aspirations of many technology companies, Partnerize hasn’t let its moral down. In fact, David Naffziger, CEO and Co-founder BrandVerity outlined in his letter to customers, why his company chose to be part of Partnerize, a familiar and bigger name in marketing technology landscape.

David said, “Despite these uncertain times, we are focused on continuing to invest in our solutions to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.”

David added, “As part of this acquisition, the BrandVerity team will be integrated with the Partnerize team, and the combined business will sell both an integrated offering and standalone products.  Along with integrating BrandVerity capabilities into its platform, Partnerize will increase investment in the paid search monitoring and web compliance categories to help us deliver even better solutions to you in the future.”

This Partnerize-BrandVerity deal is among those unique acquisitions where an older company has been bought out by the younger. Nothing is surprising here, as Partnerize has experienced a healthy growth in 2019. It recently snapped $50 million private equity-rounded funding from Accel-KKR in January 2020.

Today, Partnerize is helping 300+ renowned brands manage all aspects of their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, content partners, loyalty partners and brand alliances. Based in the UK and San Francisco, Partnerize has 235 employees across ten global offices. As part of the deal, BrandVerity clients will continue to be able to use their current services and platform.

David assured customers that all Customer Success leads, contact information, and tech support processes will remain the same.

By integrating with Partnerize’s AI-powered Partner Management Platform, BrandVerity is expected to further empower the entire business partner community, including affiliates, influencers, resellers, channel partners, and strategic brand alliances.

At the time of the announcement, Mal Cowley, co-founder and CEO of Partnerize said,

“Integrating BrandVerity into our platform is a game-changer for partnership marketing, and an important step toward realizing our company vision of powering better partnerships for every brand.”

Mal added, “The majority of leading brands now drive a large share of their revenue and customer experiences through partnerships, and BrandVerity’s state-of-the-art monitoring and compliance solutions will vastly improve both the quality and effectiveness of these partnerships.”

In March 2020, Partnerize had announced the launch of its tiered global Agency Certification Program. The initiative recognizes marketing agencies with demonstrated success using the Partnerize platform to power better partnerships. Partnerize’s award-winning Partnership Automation Platform is an end-to-end, SaaS solution for forming, managing, analyzing, and predicting the results of partner marketing programs using AI.

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