Bazaarvoice Welcomes All Brands to the World’s Largest Shopping Network

Bazaarvoice, Inc. today announced that brands can now reach more than a billion shoppers each month by distributing ratings and reviews into the Bazaarvoice Network, no matter who their review collection provider is. With access to Bazaarvoice’s vast retail network, brands can connect with shoppers, build and nurture relationships with their retail channel partners and improve search performance and product discovery.

Brands significantly maximize the value of their hard-earned review content by syndicating to the Bazaarvoice Network, which includes many of the world’s leading retailers such as Macy’s, Argos, Cabela’s, Debenhams and DSW. Bazaarvoice’s sophisticated product matching and content distribution capabilities provide a turnkey syndication experience for brand clients. Additionally, the company’s combination of natural language processing technology and human moderation ensure that all ratings and reviews meet the highest quality and authenticity standards.

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“In today’s shopping environment, brands need to connect with consumers everywhere they are shopping,” said Joe Davis, CEO of Bazaarvoice. “We’re excited to invite more brands to distribute their ratings and reviews to retailers in our network to amplify the reach and value of their content.”

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By syndicating to the Bazaarvoice Network, brands will benefit from:

  • Unrivaled scale: The Bazaarvoice Network includes the world’s top retailers, representing two-thirds of the IR100 in North America and nearly half of the IR100 in Europe; the nearest competitor’s network is one-tenth the size. Each month, Bazaarvoice syndicates more than 750,000 pieces of content and reaches more than a billion shoppers.
  • Seamless experience: Brands do not need to install or implement any software to syndicate to the Bazaarvoice Network. Brands can submit their product catalogs and review content that adhere to Bazaarvoice’s technical guidelines, then Bazaarvoice manages the product matching and distribution process to provide a turnkey experience.
  • Authentic, high-quality content: To maintain consumer trust and ensure all review content meets the highest quality and authenticity standards, all content in the Bazaarvoice Network undergoes moderation. Bazaarvoice moderates on average 4.6 million reviews within 72 hours of submission and prevents more than 100,000 fraudulent reviews a month.

The cost of distributing review content to the Bazaarvoice Network starts as low as $7,000 per brand per year and is available for brands today. Learn more about the scale and power of the Bazaarvoice Network here.

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