Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Offers 4 Reasons to Include Voice Search in Your Marketing

In order to help businesses continue to take a multi-faceted approach to advertising, internet marketing company fishbat offers 4 reasons to include voice search in your marketing.

Over the past few years, the world has seen the development of a number of popular voice assistants that are making accessing information hands-free easier than ever before. When approaching efforts to expand a business, a comprehensive plan should include voice search in order to capitalize on this new search method.

Below are four main reasons to include voice search in the company’s best marketing campaign.

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Increase Brand Accessibility. Voice searches have become a significant portion of web traffic – both on mobile devices and through home virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. By focusing efforts on increasing brand visibility through voice search, a marketing team is opening the business up to a wider swath of search traffic that might not have stumbled across the site before.

Approach SEO From a Different Angle. Unlike traditional SEO that focuses on short and concise keywords, voice searches often take the form of a query and are much longer than a traditional Google Search. Having the task of modifying articles to appeal to these long-tail keywords may seem like a lot of effort, but by diversifying a company’s approach to SEO, they have the chance to capture more traffic both through voice searches and through more traditional means.

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Increase Local Traffic. This may not be a concern for online businesses or other companies that have sales spread out over a large region, but the ability of voice search marketing to increase local traffic cannot be overstated. Many times, people who are using voice search are on the go and looking for local results that they can take advantage of right now. Having a business rank prominently in a search like “what is the closest restaurant?” for example, is incredibly valuable and can lead to a significant increase in foot traffic. In truth, this perk is even valuable for primary online companies due to its ability to market to specific geographic areas.

Increase Site Value as a Whole. Part of the benefit of voice search becoming more and more prominent, is that it forces marketing teams to revisit their online content and adjust in order to appeal to a wider range of queries. In order to capitalize on voice marketing, a business will have to invest in informational and navigational content that is more likely to show up in a voice query, which improves the quality of the site as a whole. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the adjustment in advertising tactics and the resulting increase in traffic will help elevate a company’s online presence to the next level.

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