Internet Marketing Firm, fishbat, Discusses 4 Qualities of Successful Social Ad Images

As part of their commitment to helping businesses effectively promote their brand, internet marketing firm, fishbat, discusses 4 qualities of successful social ad images.

With so much of the world’s time online spent on social media, it’s crucial that businesses to learn the ins and outs of these platforms and how to use them effectively to increase sales. Effective marketing is quickly becoming more and more media-centric, so it’s very important to have a solid grasp on how to create the perfect images.

Listed below are 4 qualities that make for a successful social ad image.

Properly Sized. This may seem like a minor point, but having an improperly sized picture can cut off an important part of the company’s advertisement if the same image is used across multiple platforms. Make sure that any social ad image is formatted in a way that will blend in perfectly with each social media site. Editing the resolution to have a consistent posting across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gives a professional look that readers will appreciate.

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Visually Striking. With how much content is easily accessible in any social media feed, it’s important that advertisements are designed in a way that will stand out from the crowd. Bold images are preferable over subtle, as the company needs something that will jump off the screen and capture the attention of users who are just scrolling through the app. The same content can be far more effective with a little more attention to graphic design.

Utilize Slogans And Hashtags. Just like with any other form of social media marketing, it’s important for ad images to both take advantage of the utility that the platform has to offer as well as tying directly back into the company’s goal or mission. Some of the most effective social media image campaigns take a central theme related to the company and come up with multiple posts that promote the brand and capitalize on current trends. Make liberal use of hashtags and find a way to connect each image to the business’s overall message.

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Consistency. One of the most understated advantages of regular and effective image posting is the ability for a reader to tie an advertisement to a brand with a simple look. By posting similar types of content formatted in similar ways, it’s possible to build an identity that stands out from the rest of a user’s newsfeed and makes the company instantly recognizable without having to dig deeper. That type of brand awareness is difficult to build, and keeping a consistent theme across image postings is a great way to help that along.

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