MarketBeam is an integrated platform for publishing content on corporate social media channels, amplifying through employee social networks and analyzing ROI in real-time.

Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connect people with the information they need. It acts as the central hub for team communications.

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MarketBeam is fully integrated with Slack and is available on the Slack’s App Directory. The goal of this integration is to make it absolutely easy for employees, who use Slack for communication, to share company created content on social media like LinkedIn, and Twitter.

“A fast growing tech company like BigCompass, relies on Slack for agile communication. MarketBeam’s integration with Slack made a huge difference in how our employees embraced social media amplification. They are now able to share posts on LinkedIn directly from Slack and never miss any posts.” said Stephanie Lawrence, from Big Compass.

MarketBeam provides three social sharing options.

  • Auto-share, where employees can pre-approve and automatically publish social media posts to their networks like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Email Notifications, where an email will be sent to employees when there is new content ready for posting.
  • Slack Notifications, where a Slack message will be sent to employees when there is new content ready for posting.

“Our integration with Slack has created yet another simple way for employees to engage and share content. A preview of the social post will be included in the Slack message for both mobile and web users. Clicking on the simple ‘Share’ button in the message will do the magic”, said Pushpa Ithal, CEO at MarketBeam.

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