Movable Ink Introduces Automated Content Sourcing

Movable Ink’s Automated Content Sourcing: No Coding Required to Pull and Repurpose Creative Content from Web sites, APIs and Social Channels

Movable Ink, the provider of leading intelligent content platform, introduced Automated Content Sourcing, which allows marketers to easily access and integrate widely scattered content into their email campaigns. Previously, designing and formatting content pulled into email required developer resources. Now with Automated Content Sourcing, any marketer can easily do this using Studio, Movable Ink’s drag-and-drop graphics editor without any coding or development – saving more time for already tight production schedules. Marketers can also preview and approve personalized content using Contextual Preview, and verify it will render correctly in any inbox with an optional Litmus account.

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Brands have massive amounts of content, however, it’s scattered across countless channels and not readily accessible by everyone. Despite all of the available content, email marketers often face bottlenecks because they need to repurpose and reformat it so that it will render properly in an email.

Movable Ink’s Automated Content Sourcing enables email marketers to easily source, integrate, personalize, and reformat content for email using a variety of flexible capabilities including:

  • Import individual images, product info, prices, inventory, levels, or entire content blocks from websites
  • Pull images, content, and data from internal and external sources including partner websites, using CSV files or APIs
  • Integrate offers and data from offer management tools, like IBM Interact or Pega for Marketing
  • Combine promotions with user-generated content (UGC) and social posts from fans using social curation tools that can be remixed and layered on top of other images.

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Vivek Sharma

“From a consumer’s perspective, the content is the most important part the emails they receive from brands. However, most email marketing tools were built to focus only on optimizing email delivery, not content. Movable Ink’s Automated Content Sourcing makes it easy for any marketer to grab and reformat content from countless brands, product, social and third-party sources, without any coding. This simplifies the production of innovative email campaigns and speeds time-to-market,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO, Movable Ink.

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