ABILITY Launches The A11y Toolbox, a Professional Digital Accessibility Tool Suite

The A11y Toolbox is a new software that helps web professionals perform accessibility work for clients – and it’s something you won’t want to miss.

After much anticipation, ABILITY has officially launched the A11y Toolbox! Users can now sign up for the game-changing software on the A11y Toolbox website.

The A11y Toolbox (“a11y” is a numeronym that stands for “accessibility,” but can also be pronounced like the word “ally”) is a hybrid solution that functions not only as a management platform to help teams keep track of various accessibility audits and projects, but also as a literal “toolbox” of tools. Together, the tools support the identification and reporting of accessibility issues as well as the remediation process.

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But why should the Toolbox be considered game-changing?

The Toolbox is the first and only suite of tools specifically designed for digital agencies that perform accessibility work: accessibility auditing, remediation, and even the creation of digital accessibility components for websites and applications.

As more and more companies start to understand that digital accessibility isn’t an optional, “nice-to-have” site feature, they’re integrating accessibility into their next-gen websites and software apps. For agencies and in-house web design and dev teams that work to achieve their digital accessibility goals, having the right tools and software for the job is more important than ever.

That’s exactly why ABILITY created the A11y Toolbox – and if you’re a digital agency that performs accessibility work, you won’t want to miss out.

“We’re so excited to offer this suite of powerful tools that will empower the professionals who build the websites and software we all use everyday,” said Shaylor Murray, Founder of ABILITY.

While there are individual tools out there that may perform separate or similar functions, the A11y Toolbox’s variety of tools are all hosted on one platform. And since the Toolbox is a browser-based software, you can access your account from anywhere. Users will no longer need multiple accounts for multiple tools; a single A11y Toolbox account gives users access to a variety of tools that allow them to save their tests and projects as they go.

It isn’t just a time-saving software for simply one type of job or position, either; the A11y Toolbox is an inclusive, all-in-one digital accessibility project management platform fit for your entire agency, from accessibility auditors to project managers to sales executives to web designers.

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