Introducing Relation, A Multi-chain Social Graph Data Explorer On Web3

Through continuous data mining and analysis for web 3 applications, Relation intends to launch its multi-chain social graph, which will provide significant commercial value while also forming a sustainable web 3 ecosystem.

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Relation One, a one-stop Web 3 social app, aims to break the centralized social graph dilemma by building a personalized visual Web3 social graph for users and returning ownership and privacy of their data to their hands. Decentralized social graphs are essential secrets to getting products off the ground in the Web 3 era, as ownership and utility are shifting to users.

Furthermore, in the decentralized Web3 era, users have complete autonomy and permanent ownership over all interactions. The combinations and compositions of applications are limitless, making the world more fluid and open. The relationship between the social graph and the user will no longer be as fixed and immobile in Web3 applications as in previous Web2 applications.

Relation Labs is attempting to address this issue with two distinct products: Relation Link Tool Suite, an open-source, easy-to-use solution built by Relation for blockchain DApps and community developers, and Relation One, a one-stop social application.

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The Relation Graph Tool Suite would include open-source Relation Graph accessing APIs, Relation Dashboard APIs, modular social functionality components, and multi-chain smart contract wallet solutions for DApps. Developers or DApps with access to the Relation Graph, in particular, will be able to create and manage on-chain contacts via the built-in friend relationship protocol, thereby increasing social attributes. Developers can also perform source code queries in the authorized data to obtain data relationship results simultaneously.

Furthermore, Tool Suite allows multiple private keys to be stored and managed on Data Space for signing with a single user identity authority, simplifying the time-consuming process of importing numerous private keys for users and enabling a multi-chain wallet solution with multiple different authentication and authorization methods via a unified authentication method.

In the midst of the Web3 craze, projects like Relation is looking to protect user data sovereignty and data-assets value and enable many applications like DeFi, NFT, and games to have a more robust set of functions and user growth in a cost-effective manner. In addition, DApps and developers can better utilize Web3’s composability if there is more time and energy for innovation and development.

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