Cortex App Launching New Web3 Content Network


Cortex App Project is becoming the Cortex Network and announcing a new Web3 content network in order to bring Web2 content such as social posts, blogs, projects and much more into a decentralized, user-owned Web3. The Cortex Network will enable new levels of user control and privacy while creating ways to collaborate and define new payment models for content. The network is anticipated to go live this summer.

“We’ve been working toward creating a user-centered web since before people were calling it ‘Web3.’ The Cortex Network will go a long way toward fulfilling that goal. We couldn’t be more excited now that we’re preparing to go live.” (Leonard Kish)

The Cortex Network will operate similarly to a Proof of Stake blockchain, where publishers stake tokens in order to validate user updates and then publish those updates on chain. The Cortex Network will launch initially on the Polygon network, although the framework itself is largely chain-agnostic. A new kind of index, HDIndex, generates a simple hash that can act as an on-chain proof and a content lookup for an unlimited number of updates.

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When publishing on The Cortex Network, users will own their content as they control updates, or commits, with their keys. As the Cortex Network simplifies Web3 publishing for both publishers and users, the team anticipates it will smooth the way for current Web2 publishers to migrate to a user-owned Web3 content network.

On a technical level, the Cortex Network is built on an architecture where commits contribute to a local state of content which then becomes part of a globally verifiable localized consensus. In essence, each commit contributes to a globally verifiable state for content with a complete history at a particular web/crypto address. In the Cortex system, URLs and crypto addresses are nearly synonymous as part of a human-readable keys that act as lookups to content.

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“Our technical team has brought together several novel pieces that make up the foundation of the Cortex Network: a new kind of index, a new kind of data wallet and a new kind of human-readable namespace for crypto. We’re looking forward to releasing these for others to build upon as well.” (Josh Robinson)

The architecture of the Cortex Content Network addresses challenges such as price, complexity, and scalability that have long hampered the content publishing progress in Web3. The Cortex Content Network will act as a complete stack to enable fast and reliable decentralized content.

Please review the announcement on the Cortex App blog for more detailed technical information and join their Discord and Telegram for ongoing updates on launch. Cortex is currently working with publishing partners and open to new partnerships.

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